Example sentences of "[coord] it [be] that " in BNC.

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1 I know there 's an explanation and it 's that she is n't responsible .
2 And it 's that , it 's maybe the conditions that we impose before we achieve an alliance or are able to enter into joint activity , that bothers me greatly .
3 We 've just seen Manchester United blast five goals past Leicester City , and it 's that sort of form they 'll need next Wednesday if they are to stay in the European Cup .
4 We 've just seen Manchester United blast five goals past Leicester City , and it 's that sort of form they 'll need next Wednesday if they are to stay in the European Cup .
5 And it 's that where it counts .
6 And , he 's put this in his type of thing and it 's like he 's got his arm stretched out right to his mouth and he 's got a cigarette in his in his hand and it 's that like .
7 Ultimately the most memorable lines in this volume must be those penned by Bonnard to Matisse in January 1940 : ‘ When I think of you , I think of a mind cleansed of every old aesthetic convention , and it is that alone that permits a direct view of nature , the greatest joy that can befall a painter .
8 I 'm just asking Professor for my own clarification at this stage , and it is that he does not agree to accept Mr 's addendum .
9 The keyword SELECTED-ISSUE requires the issue number to be stated , and it is that named ‘ selected ’ module with the stated issue number that is contained within the package .
10 The conclusion is obvious ; and it is that those local searchers for a place here , who are being crowded out by the southerners , are most likely to be northern Catholics .
11 And it is that each local church , of whatever sign should be invited to nominate from amongst their elder division those elders who district council might consider and recognise as dividing elders for a stated period of years with authority to do , provide them all services of worship and meetings of that local church , as the need arises .
12 That had been old Ian Paisley last time he was in the old country , but he had popped his clogs of apoplexy while explaining the Fall of Port Stanley to Robin Day on Nationwide and it was that upstart Jeffrey Archer now .
13 It also , in those days was mileage for the tyres was paid on the number of miles run per tyre , so at the end of the month you could record , you knew what tyres were on a certain bus , you knew of how many miles that bus had done , so you recorded that particular tyre on that bus had run so many miles and it was that that we paid for our tyres that way .
14 I put it , put it on , B B C two and it was that Gordon on the , on the box .
15 I was pregnant with Nicola and it was that we wanted to change the car , what did we have , a Metropole at the
16 The thinning out process has been a great shock to me , I had a higher opinion of working class thought — but it is that where the weakness lies , not in our efforts of propaganda .
17 But it is that same obstinacy or , put another way , determination to win , that has not only made him a successful captain , but also into one of the most feared batsmen in the world .
18 Plockton started existence as a fishing port , and the old harbour can still be seen , but it is that no longer , pleasure sailing being the new order of the day ; and visitors are catered for without fuss or ostentation .
19 But it 's that It Well not not entirely
20 Er , a knowledge but erm , I would have to move that we can not accept this recommendation because , it 's not that we do n't er support the scheme within this paper , but it 's that we can not accept .
21 It was n't exactly like he had to have an appointment , but it was that he did n't fit into the structure .
22 But it was that the arm she were using .
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