Example sentences of "[coord] is not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Have your detective say it is very important to tell whether something is or is not done in a certain way ; then show that thing being done in either of the ways mentioned ; but immediately before that happens put in , quite boldly , what it is you want to slip past your reader .
2 We also conclude that CREM is only present at very low levels ( it might correspond to the weak band observed in figure 4C lane 2 ) or is not expressed at all in UF9 cells .
3 Even though he does not intend to insult , or is not seeking to insult , he can be guilty of the offence if he is aware that his conduct is or might be insulting .
4 This is due probably to the fact that people suffering from aphasia are more likely to come to the attention of a neurologist than individuals suffering from certain kinds of right hemisphere damage which may pass unnoticed by the individual himself such that he does not seek medical attention or is not referred for neurological investigation .
5 Loss of or damage to any car which you are driving or using , which does not belong to you , is not being bought by you under a hire purchase agreement or is not leased to you .
6 Loss of or damage to any car which you are driving or using , which does not belong to you , is not being bought by you under a hire purchase agreement or is not leased to you .
7 Loss of or damage to any car which you are driving or using , which does not belong to you , is not being bought by you under a hire purchase agreement or is not leased to you .
8 When writing to the Claimant 's Doctor , it is essential that no guidance is given in our correspondence , as to what is or is not covered under the policy .
9 We may often be sure that we can judge by the quality of the drawing or painting , but there are always at least some cases in which our uncertainty is deepened by the absence of the expected signal , that it is or is not intended to be art .
10 If , on the other hand , implementation is not carried out in time or is not carried out adequately , three consequences may follow .
11 However , as explained above , too much emphasis on economic analysis of each situation generates an impossible situation for firms who wish to know what is or is not permitted .
12 Efforts are initially made to persuade the parents to bring up the child at home , but where this does not prove successful or is not considered a wise step , some form of full-time residential care is required .
13 Whatever the citizens charter is or is not meant to do , will the Minister assure us that it is certainly not meant to replace his Department 's statutory obligations in relation to the tragic accidents with which the Health and Safety Executive should deal ?
14 Whether any particular conduct is or is not threatening , abusive or insulting is , of course , a matter of objective judgment for the tribunal of fact .
15 What is most apparent is that when chronologies are put forward the resulting data either can not be , or is not used to study early Anglo-Saxon society in any more detail , and even when a pattern appears it is noted as an aside to the central issue .
16 ( h ) convertible loan stock which is not quoted on a recognised stock exchange , or is not issued on terms which are reasonably comparable with the terms of quoted convertible stock , can cause a problem as the interest payable on it will fall to be treated for tax purposes as a distribution ( ICTA 1988 , s209(2) ( e ) ( ii ) ) .
17 To achieve this aim , the CAP always guarantees a price for certain types of produce , so that , even if the produce sells at a poor price or is not sold at all , the farmer receives the going rate .
18 " A great player like Seve wants basically confirmation of what he is or is not doing right , " explained Bob .
19 The other main dichotomy has to do with whether the dialogue is or is not attributed — that is , whether the text is explicit or implicit about who is speaking .
20 In some circumstances this movement does not take place or is not accomplished completely .
21 I would only add that in a situation in which it is necessary to consider operating the machinery of the Convention , some psychological harm to the child is inherent , whether the child is or is not returned .
22 User has no access to module(s) or is not associated
23 A Nigerian politician who has no access to , or is not reported by , any news medium is at a grave disadvantage .
24 Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds ,
25 Our present findings are consistent with the generally accepted view that peak acid output reflects the parietal cell mass and is not altered by eradication of H pylori .
26 Under the system of tenders , if the offer is rejected and is not beaten when the case goes to court , the side making it can recover expenses from the time it was put on the table .
27 Provided that the customer is aware that his agent will be remunerated in this way , does not make further enquiry , and is not misled by the agent as to amount , the agent does not have to disclose the amount of or basis on which the commission is paid .
28 An incorrect response should be considered as a response which demonstrates a lack of understanding of the concept(s) being assessed and is not caused by a trivial arithmetic error .
29 The scene in which Nicky takes leave of Rudi is touchingly drawn , and heartening in the sense that Nicky is moved to tears and is not ridiculed for it .
30 This drug has been used to good effect in generalized viral infections , when it can be injected directly into the blood stream , but this is not without hazard and is not indicated unless the infection is life-threatening .
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