Example sentences of "[coord] it is [verb] " in BNC.

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1 discretion or it is hoped that pupils would be afforded the opportunity to make their own , if
2 Above and below that size there will be a poor return for effort-either the gain is not worth bothering about , or it is achieved at too great a cost .
3 If they are placed in secondary roles , or it is assumed that women 's identity is to be found in mothering , then the fact of their presence reinforces a certain understanding of the feminine .
4 And the woman respected for her concern for the sick and deprived is told : ‘ Not to love is not to live , or it is to live a living death .
5 The redemption of the debenture is either refinanced by another debenture issue or it is repaid from any surplus cash .
6 One reason is that the distinction we have made between productive and consumption property is not always maintained , or it is applied in differing ways .
7 The wind picks up some snow , or it is snowing gently , as I snow hook the dogs to sort her out .
8 Where liability is admitted , or it is acknowledged that liability is likely to be established , then it may be sensible to try and agree an interim payment because it will probably be possible to secure a lower sum in interim damages than would be awarded by the Court if matters were so to proceed .
9 The old armour is either worn away gradually , as in crocodiles , or it is shed at special times in a complete ‘ coat ’ , as in lizards and snakes .
10 Depending on the evolution of management during the early 1990s , the confusions building up in the Training Authority 's role may need to be unravelled : either it is strengthened as an effective arm of central policy , or it is abolished so that the market — created by itself — can have freer play .
11 However , unless the expert clause says so or it is agreed by the parties before the appointment is made , the expert need have no particular qualifications at all .
12 The offeror will have to depend on publicly-available sources of information and whatever else it can obtain or it is required to be given under the Code ( see para 5.8 below ) .
13 A strict auction is appropriate if there are a considerable number of interested parties or it is known that there are several parties determined to acquire the business .
14 A CLI command file is terminated when the end of the file is reached or it is suspended ( see later ) .
15 If the word is not found then it is said to be misspelled , so either correction is attempted , or it is returned to the user for verification .
16 It is sipped or it is gulped ; sippers and gulpers , that is .
17 Then the top is sealed , and it is smoked upside down .
18 Control is exercised at the centre and it is characterised by informal webs of influence rather than formal procedures .
19 ‘ Curry is great value and it is bound to have a big appeal for MPs because we are so often in a hurry . ’
20 One day when the terrible moment comes and it is bound to come when we shall be talking of the Serb national catastrophe , when we shall be questioning ourselves about who was responsible for it and how it came about that we are the last nation in Europe to be surrounded by such enemies and such hatred , then many of the great brains of the Academy will find themselves in the dock if they live to see the day .
21 It is part of the natural spontaneity of the action , and it is bound to be like this . ’
22 ‘ It is a long , demanding test and it is bound to favour the long hitters . ’
23 With Markham , LASMO has achieved two milestones in the British oil industry — the field is the first offshore development lying across the UK/Netherlands median line , and it is producing the first gas to be exported from the UK into the Continent .
24 Even lime soaps can be dispersed and solubilized , so that there is the basis of a useful emergency treatment that can be applied when the normal supply of soft water is not available or where , for some reason , hard water has been run into a vessel and it is desired to counteract its effect in situ .
25 And it is transforming Ivanisevic 's career .
26 Maddock reports that most firms are hostile to the idea of moving people between civil and military sectors : ‘ There already exists a large culture gap and it is getting even wider . ’
27 Today it has been worse and it is getting worse now .
28 It 's very cold here and it is getting late .
29 Well , the range in companies in the UK today is about six months to five years , with an average at about three years , and it is getting longer .
30 The disparity between that and even the increased pension rates of £54 and £86 for a single person and married couple is enormous and it is getting worse every year .
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