Example sentences of "[coord] it [be] not " in BNC.

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1 ( Eventually the railway is either built or it 's not . )
2 The person was older than me and he 's a bit higher up the rank than me and it 's all about it probably comes with experience he 's to stand for yourself really but it 's when you 're our age and a bit younger you do n't want to be seen to be rocking the boat if there 's something that 's going on that you do n't agree with but you 're asked to do something that you do n't want to do valid reasons you have n't got the time or it 's not really up to you to do it
3 Well plus plus the fact that erm it 's not that you have n't got one , or it 's not that we 'd need you to drive it 's that you 're denying us the privilege of being able to send you .
4 and we 'll sort it out ourselves and what they do , if a customer says oh there 's a phone that 's broke , or it 's not working or something like that , they 'll say oh okay we 'll get in touch with the maintenance for you , you see , cos he 's making nowt out of it , if you say we dropped the phone and broke it , well we 'll send a and then they send an engin one of their blokes out with a replacement phone and charge him for a new one , once they say wants some re-programming doing , oh yeah were sending an engineer round and they get , the dealer then gets the money for it so all we get is the flack end of it you know so we , a service contract it 's priced because , low because you know you 're gon na make a bit on moves and changes
5 There is some professional resistance , in the sense that people who 've done a lot of work on programming get used to certain sorts of languages , and if you make proposals about teaching some new way of dealing with computers , they throw up their hands in horror , and object that this is going to be inefficient , or it 's not going to prepare people adequately for what goes on in industry , or whatever .
6 So , wrote Harsnet , there is continuity as well as discontinuity , but that does not mean , he wrote , that there exists what is called character , personality , character , Goldberg wrote in the margin , personality , as they seem to think , wrote Harsnet ( and Goldberg went on typing ) , when they say you have such a generous character if you would only recognize it , or you have so much to offer , or it is not for myself I speak but for you , not for myself I mourn but for the waste of all that generosity , when they pour those words over you , character , generosity , warmth , looking sad , shedding tears , putting on a brave face , saying do n't pay any attention to me , or , it 's nothing , forget it , I 'm crying for the waste , meaning waste if it 's not directed towards them , but you have only to see what happens when one lets oneself be persuaded by that sort of thing , wrote Harsnet , you have only to see what happened to Hutchinson , MacMahon , Rollins and Goldberg .
7 If you want the meat to be cooked through , or it is not crisp enough , cook for another 20 minutes .
8 Either the society is , in such circumstances , alienated from its government and its laws or it is not .
9 If your hair looks much straighter and flatter than usual the conditioner is either too heavy for your particular type of hair type or it is not washed out properly .
10 Other members felt it inappropriate to distinguish between categories of third party : a State is either a party to the treaty or it is not .
11 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
12 I do not know whether he wishes to reconsider what on earth he means by saying that it is a flimsy excuse : either it is part of the law , or it is not .
13 Binomial distributions deal with a fixed population , each of whose members may possess only one of two possible elements ( the thesis is either cited in one year , or it is not ) , and the successive values of these elements are not dependent on the previous values ( a citation in one year does not imply a lack of citation in a following year ) .
14 But when one is dealing with associative use , we have to do with a binary distinction ; the adjective is introduced solely to indicate that its property , even though applicable to some other entity , is associated with the entity of its noun phrase , and here there are only two possible states — either the property is associated , in the view of the speaker , or it is not ( and of course by a slightly curious consequence of the communicational process , the state must always be the positive one , since if the property were not felt to be associated with that entity and needed for identification , then the adjective which designates that property would simply not appear ) .
15 Either , that long term flexibility beyond two thousand and six is a relevant consideration , or it is not .
16 In so doing , any hint of attempted indoctrination , conditioning , manipulation , even influencing and persuading , is misplaced because this dimension can only be grasped in freedom , or it is not grasped at all .
17 Either the car engine is on or it is not .
18 It 's a snake entails neither It 's a poisonous creature nor It 's not a poisonous creature ; likewise , It 's a poisonous creature is logically independent of It 's a snake .
19 It can not , nor it is not .
20 And it 's not very different in the West .
21 Nobody 's going to know officially and it 's not as if there are hundreds of you or anything — I mean , so what if somebody does find you ?
22 Dostoevsky has an impudent way of making his narrator declare ‘ As a chronicler I confine myself to presenting events exactly as they happened , and it 's not my fault if they appear incredible ’ — like the son of the house writing home about his time on the North-West Frontier of India .
23 And it 's not always easy to respect the author of The Maximus Poems , marred as they are on nearly every page by solecisms and gaucheries , by arbitrary coarseness in diction , punctuation , syntax , lineation .
24 Pound had known Phyllis Bottome between 1905 and 1907 , when they were fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania , and it 's not clear whether it is that early association , or a period later when she had caught up with him in London , that Phyllis Bottome had in mind when she wrote of how Pound tried to transform her as a writer from a talented amateur into a professional :
25 The justification seems to have got lost along the way , but the attitude has prevailed until recently — you could argue about precise dates , but Philip Larkin plumped for 1963 — and it 's not done for yet .
26 I edge back to the tent , I feel lonely , desperately lonely , and it 's not just being alone that is doing it .
27 Men are all little boys at heart , when all 's said and done , and it 's not only women that like to have these little playthings about to make a break in the daily round .
28 If the weather 's all right and it 's not raining or nothing , I usually go to the garden to help Mr Frost .
29 And it 's not as hot as the Troop-either , sir . ’
30 And it 's not just tropical countries that are affected .
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