Example sentences of "[coord] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 I have no idea who got that extra money or where it came from .
2 We do n't know what it is or where it came from , but there 's obviously something in it ! ’
3 The Royal Commission on Capital Punishment which reported in 1953 ( Cmnd. 5932 ) examined the experience of countries throughout the world where the death penalty has been abolished , restored , abolished again or where it existed in some parts and not in others .
4 Where it is excessive , or where it varies from point to point , problems occur , resulting in cracking , disfigurement and detachment of the walls .
5 The exceptions relate particularly to those cases where the authority has a financial interest in the outcome , or where it applies standards to its own proposals different from those it applies to private sector applications .
6 The cursor is left on the last instance found , if the search was successful , or where it started if the search failed .
7 There are plenty of ‘ success stories ’ where governments have not intervened , or where it has not even been acknowledged that farmers and pastoralists have quietly got on with the business of conservation for themselves , and frequently provided sustainable surpluses for the market as well .
8 Fathers who choose instead to commit acts of oral sex or buggery on them will commit no offence save where the girl 's consent , in the narrow , legal sense of the term , is lacking or where it has been obtained by threat , which may be difficult to prove .
9 There was probably a night service bus , but she had no idea where she could catch it , or where it stopped in Yonder .
10 But j just before you go , Tom , the issue on whether or not Peter or or it lets the thinner section deep groove ball bearings , is n't going to rest on .
11 Everybody loves weddings , dressing up , meeting and that , funerals , yeah alright we all get together again at funerals and the , after the coffin 's gone in the ground and all that , that really high emotion point or once it 's gone behind the erm curtains to be burnt , once you 've gone through that there 's that sort of erm
12 Although individual consent was of central importance to Hobbes , he did not believe that the authority of law rested on the fact that it promoted a desirable objective or that it reflected a profound truth .
13 Or that it describes a daily shudder of one whole millimetre in all directions as the marble expands and contracts under the Italian sun .
14 This has no application when the type of substantive error is that the tribunal was improperly constituted , or that it made an order which it was not empowered to make .
15 On balance , studies have found no indication of harmful physical effects ; no evidence that television introduces a harmful amount of aggression , violence or fear into an already normal child or that it turns an undisturbed child into a disturbed one or a non-delinquent child into a delinquent .
16 The need for industrial application shows the practical nature of patent law , which requires that the invention should be something which can be produced or that it relates to some sort of industrial process .
17 A blank suggests either that the shoe is suitable but not necessarily recommended for the purpose , or that it does not have a feature .
18 the stating of the price without making it clear , if it is the case , that it applies only to cash customers or that it does not apply to part-exchange deals or applies only in certain circumstances or does not apply in certain other circumstances ;
19 I can assert of the oldest tree in the park ( if there is such a tree ) that it is an oak , but I can also say of the sentence " The oldest tree in the park is an oak " that it means the same , or that it expresses same thought as , say , its French or Chinese translation , irrespective of whether it says anything true .
20 It 's as if you 'd gone out into the bigger world and found out that it 's frightening or that it hurts , so you go home .
21 Did that exhibition suggest to you that Pop Art was a thrusting and lively activity with a relevance in contemporary art , or that it had become a comfortable and nostalgic moment in art history ?
22 The project was approved at ministerial level because it had been decided that the contract either did not significantly enhance Iraq 's military capability or that it had been signed before December , 1984 .
23 Those were his heroes , and you can look at it like thy had a defeatist attitude or were grotesquely self-indulgent — or that it enabled them to have the art .
24 Empirical statements concerning spatial and/or temporal order e.g. that x is to the left of y , or above y , or that it precedes yin a time series , etc. — do not involve attribution of certain purely intrinsic properties to x or toy , i.e. properties that might be described as part of their essential description ( qua self-subsistent ontological entities ) .
25 When , with colleagues in the Department of Social Administration , I interviewed members of the divorcing population , they argued passionately that divorce was too easy ( or too difficult ) ; that everything was rushed through before they had time to think ( or that it dragged on interminably ) ; and that divorce should be morally neutral ( or that there should be an inquest in which every detail of their spouse 's despicable conduct was exposed to public view ) .
26 Secondly , there is nothing to suggest that using two languages detracts from either one of them or that it produces continued interference .
27 The decreased healing rate associated with excess dietary intake , assessed after ulcer healing , may inducate that food alleviates ulcer symptoms or that it slows healing by stimulating acid secretion .
28 Thirdly , it is doubtful whether the General Strike could be regarded as the watershed in British labour history , which it is sometimes claimed to be , or that it changed in any significant form the pattern of industrial relations .
29 The group can be asked to respond to what one individual has just said ; or it can focus discussion on one individual at a time ; or the counsellor can ensure that the group discusses general or shared problems , or that it links and compares different problems faced by individuals within the group .
30 I am , I regret , unable to agree that the judgment of the court beyond this or that , in so far as it was obiter in the context in which it was delivered , can be supported or that it binds this court .
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