Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Right , we , we , we did actually draw , or we not draw , we , we adopted a constitution during the year and the officers that are erm elected are the Chair , the Secretary and the Treasurer , erm and other , together with other such officers , yeah to determine by general meeting , erm , so it 's really only those three , er and we have sometimes had Advice Chair if there 's only been one Chairman have n't we , one Chair person erm so I think people need to say if they do n't wish to carry on the jobs they 're doing and if anybody wishes to nominate anyone in a particular post then slip at the bottom of the minutes could be filled in and either brought to meeting or sent back to the Secretary .
2 Graham felt oddly satisfied at seeing life go on around him like this ; he felt almost smug at walking past people and them not giving him a second glance , at least not now he 'd got rid of Slater .
3 That you should have been there all the while and me not know it all this time !
4 All based on a perfect understanding between the wickets — and him not telling me what to do and me not telling him .
5 putting up with that and me not going out then I 'm afraid we 'll just have to put up with it !
6 Obviously I ca n't do anything dramatic overnight , due to circumstances , what with my little girl being a ward of court , and me not having a home .
7 And theirs not to ask how , or why .
8 ‘ And there 's me rambling on and you not knowing who the devil I am , nor me you … ’
9 And you not had no revision for that ?
10 Is she paying and you not putting it in ?
11 But we drive fourteen kilometres now and you not say — ’
12 I hate it you stand there and you not doing nothing
13 Kathy those documents have been there all week and you not taken the trouble to look at them but you will quip about the poll tax and its iniquities but you ca n't even read your own poll tax notice .
14 He could well have returned late at night and she not heard him , though she had stayed awake for a long time , listening for the sound of the horses , the carriage wheels on the drive .
15 But he agreed not to complain about her market-minded vision of the Community and she not to bully him about France 's half-in , half-out position in NATO .
16 All based on a perfect understanding between the wickets — and him not telling me what to do and me not telling him .
17 And that , Erika thought , was a curious remark for Karl to make , bearing in mind that he had lived a lie for many years but , glancing at her parents , and they not batting an eyelash , she kept quiet .
18 Quite simply , not only do we and they not share common objectives , but we do not even make similar appraisals of world events , as the President of France demonstrated at the time of the coup in Moscow , when he seemed willing to negotiate with the coup 's leaders .
19 Er a lot of time wh when when you get a fax er and they not deliver to us , half a day late or
20 ‘ — How could I rob Bella and her not know it was me , eh ?
21 They got the wrong island , wrong producers , so what do they know , going on about these mad drug stories and us not getting our shit together ?
22 But I not seen one yet as you might call a proper bleeding accident , if you takes my meaning ? ’
23 At a time when he was lounging about in bed most of the time I would have loved a bed tray but I not think , I do n't think I 'm going to bother with one now .
24 Mm , no they wanted to be in , but you not hear it no I think pussy cat is gon na be a no no about us you 'll have to .
25 You may have a poached egg but you not have a poached egg with rice .
26 But we not regimented in this department we 're flexible that 's why these things are happening cos we turn our hands to whatever we believe is in the interests of the company .
27 But they not see him go out , ’ interrupts Jancey .
28 But they not see Darius because he not been in since five o'clock .
29 He speak good German but he not born here . ’
30 A , the judge did not explain the use of seven as a multiplier but it not suggested that such a calculation could be done with complete accuracy and using a five percent table , the judge was faced with choosing between seven and eight .
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