Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] is [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Another symptom is writing numbers or letters backwards — again a common enough thing to do when a child is learning to write , particularly if he or she is left-handed , or perhaps dyslexic ; and probably most absurd of all , children who refer to television characters as real people are showing signs of abuse .
2 You should be allowed regular contact with your child while he or she is away .
3 The international customer will be looking for as bolthole for the times he or she is here
4 Nurse the resident in a position in which he or she is most comfortable , and change that position frequently .
5 Unlike a real victim , the interview underdog needs to remember that he or she is also in a position to evaluate .
6 The teacher may lead the discussion or the activity , but he or she is also learning from the students .
7 The trick here , and in the scores of near-novels that have followed in its wake , is to make the reader , or disciple , imagine that he or she is just as erudite into the bargain : no need to struggle through Dante or The Song of Roland when it is all there in one fat detective story .
8 He or she is well within range and unable to defend him or herself with one or both hands .
9 He or she is best placed to give you legal advice , and to liaise with the other professional agencies involved .
10 If the individual can always predict what will happen after the first drink then he or she is probably not alcoholic and may have no need of a 12 Step recovery programme and therefore can not be said to relapse if occasionally he or she gets drunk .
11 In the case of a building , the seller may be ignorant : if the seller knew of a risk and sold without disclosure , he or she is probably liable at law , but builders come and builders go , and those who deliberately mislead mostly go .
12 Do not leave the purchaser until he or she is completely satisfied with the demonstration .
13 Like the characters and indeed the reader he or she is simply a collection of codes : ‘ The ‘ I ’ which approaches the text is already itself a plurality of other texts , of codes which are infinite , or more precisely , lost ( whose origin is lost ) ’ ( p. 10 ) .
14 If the character moves sideways with the head , body and arms in some way averted from the front , i.e. croisé , possibly with a twist of the shoulders , he or she is usually playing some evil or cunning person .
15 Yet he or she is usually limited by lack of resources , lack of accommodation , lack of contact outside the institution and downright sexual repressiveness within from any sexual expression whatever .
16 He or she is usually a well-known public figure , who need not have any connection with the academic world ( such as a member of the Royal Family ) .
17 The chief academic and administrative officer of a Scottish university , he or she is usually styled ‘ principal and vice chancellor ’ , the latter title used when standing in for the chancellor on ceremonial occasions .
18 Finally , that a poet has written a good poem does not mean he or she is always capable of another , and to read Duck 's career as an arrested development may be sentimental .
19 The beloved is not separate , absent , but present , at the moment of the poet 's writing or speaking , as of the beloved 's hearing or reading the poem — as , indeed , of the reader 's reading , now and always : he or she is always there as we read .
20 In most universities , he or she is often called the vice-chancellor — the title " chancellor " being reserved for another notable figure who fills that largely ceremonial and dignified office .
21 Use this where your employee has not entitlement to SSP or where that entitlement has run out but he or she is still sick .
22 If Ayer then tells the theist that he or she is still unable to make meaningful theological statements , then it can not surely be on the basis of the verification principle , the principle by which he claims to distinguish meaningful from meaningless statements .
23 Later comes a point of being unable to accept the loss , very often searching for the person who has gone and thinking that he or she is still there .
24 The second problem is that even if a motorist — despite all the odds — actually adheres to the recommended limits , all the evidence points to the fact that he or she is still driving too fast for the safety of local residents .
25 This is not to say that the child or young person is always right ; it is , perhaps , to say that he or she is seldom completely wrong .
26 But you can not expect another to carry out a task if he or she is constantly being observed by someone else .
27 Tamed instincts may protect the individual from vulnerability to external aggression or from emotional abandonment by one to whom he or she is fully committed in an act of love ; but in the process they also render life experiences flat and stand in the way of necessary instinctual release .
28 The role of the consultant psychogeriatrician in this service is different from that in the conventional model ; rather than being the principal performer of the initial diagnostic assessments , he or she is directly involved in assessing only dubious , difficult , and urgent cases .
29 When he or she is perhaps overwhelmed by events , offers of practical help may be exactly what the person could do with , rather than being asked to confront difficult emotional reactions .
30 This stressed-out poor performer is motivated by the fear that he or she is highly disposable , and that if they ease up on their workload the axe will fall .
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