Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] [be] not " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Either I am pardoned , or I am not . ’
2 I 'm thinking : I 'm not wearing this , or I 'm not wearing that , my leg shows in that ; but it 's funny , it 's only really at parties that I worry about things like that .
3 Edward 's ‘ forthright ’ , breathy style lends itself naturally to blues ( Mississippi Lad or I 'm not your fool any more , also featuring Waits on vocals , and the soft and low Ballad for a Bronze Beauty ) , but less well to the rest of the album , parts of which also have an oddly out of character Brazilian flavour .
4 ‘ Tell me now , or I 'm not going to be able to . ’
5 And er I mean th the o the question you would use for , for this one is tell me , what are your thou what is it , what are your thoughts on pensions , you know , what are your thoughts on retirement , how do you feel about it just open up for the guy to say it 's very important or I 'm not interested , oh that 's interesting why do you say that .
6 You are either strong-willed or you are not .
7 You are an optimistic type , or you are not .
8 Either you are in showbusiness or you are not .
9 Therefore if you have a limited budget , or you are not sure if you 'll take to machine knitting , this would be a good machine to start with .
10 Lawyer A checked in his books , but said that it was as he had feared ‘ You are either insured or you are not .
11 You either are or you 're not .
12 If that does n't attract you or you 're not interested in the solitary life of home exercise , you could instead try Step Reebok , the latest buzzword in exercise-to-music , which we used to call aerobics , did n't we ?
13 You 're either going to believe me or you 're not .
14 You 're either with the enemy or you 're not .
15 Or you 're not allowed
16 You know , I , I maintain if you 're gardening you 're thinking about work , or you 're not thinking about watering or whatever you should be doing in gardening .
17 Have you any questions you got at all , or you 're not sure ?
18 Or you 're not going to Lee Ann 's .
19 The weather 's a bit grotty or you know , or you 're not feeling too good , it 's easier to get a car , you know , to get a lift in with someone .
20 Get her back on or she 's not having this I 'm sorry about that hang on just a minute block your ears I 'm just going to spin round again okay hang on oops er are you their Rachael are you there ?
21 This is where is lacking in a little bit of er you know authority or she 's not quite sure right .
22 If you do n't tell him it though and you assume he 's gon na to pick it up just by looking at your eyes he 's not going to or she 's not going to pick it up .
23 The new Employment Act will also make it unlawful for organisations to refuse to employ a job applicant on the grounds that he or she is not a union member .
24 He or she is not house-proud or much concerned with appearances .
25 Be careful how you choose — your child wo n't learn to his maximum potential in an environment where he or she is not happy .
26 Some of these families may never be able to accept the blackness of such a child , but , at the same time , they know that he or she is not really white .
27 Within my own practice , I have never met a white child who says he or she is not white ; neither have I met a black child growing up in a black family saying that he or she is not black .
28 Within my own practice , I have never met a white child who says he or she is not white ; neither have I met a black child growing up in a black family saying that he or she is not black .
29 From birth , the baby and infant imbibes moral values and learns to control instinctual wishes so that he or she is not chastised by parents , or other agents of socialization .
30 When a child goes to school he or she is not only confronted with the traditional school subjects , but also with codes and practices governing behaviour .
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