Example sentences of "[adv] been to [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps she had already been to one .
2 Mrs Ditchburn had just been to her local shops at Cotteslow to buy her great-grandson a birthday card when she was set upon .
3 ‘ While I was with her , ’ I said , ‘ she told me what a wonderful husband you had always been to her — always , in every way , all your married life . ’
4 Not only for now , but for everything ; all the help you 've always been to me . ’
5 Sam Fawcett used to keep a stuffed one in a glass case , which is the nearest I have ever been to one .
6 Have you ever been to one ?
7 He saw himself , ten years on , a querulous old man complaining in self-pity : What company have my children ever been to me ? — and forgetting that he had sent them so lightly away from him , Blanche across the sea to Heidelberg , to a husband she had never seen ; Philippa , possibly , to remote Denmark ; Thomas , only this Spring , to be titular governor and keep his court in Ireland , and try to make good the wrack and ruin of castles and garrisons there .
8 I rarely go to her house and I do n't think she 's ever been to my flat , but our friendship is very much part of our working lives .
9 Have you ever been to his home ?
10 That 's all there 's ever been to it .
11 is that erm , have you ever been to it where there 's like a ledge up here you know where you can ski round slowly down the mountain and then there 's a part here and then there 's a run going down there like that sort of thing .
12 Not that she thought Matey , or Dr Neil , would come poking around her room , but she was changing rapidly from the trusting and innocent girl she had once been to someone more cautious — she , Sally-Anne , more cautious !
13 ‘ We have been so sensible , fair and reasonable with Lovell Homes that it 's probably been to our detriment .
14 Whilst my message this time has mainly been to our Service team , we all have a part to play in improving the quality of our business .
15 I 'd never even been to her house .
16 I 'd never been to her place before .
17 Mark had spent many idyllic summer days sailing and fishing with his brothers and his aunt on the beautiful river , but had never been to her winter cottage .
18 Compassionate and relentless as God ( in whom she does not believe ) , she sends her creatures forth and calls them home , having ( like Thomas Hardy ) a love for funerals , although she has never been to one .
19 Jumble sales are my passion , and I was amazed to hear that my friend had never been to one .
20 ‘ I 've never been to one . ’
21 I do n't know , I 've never been to one before .
22 Never been to me .
23 ‘ I 've never been to anything like this before , ’ Anabelle thought to herself .
24 but I 've never been to it
25 I 've never been to it though
26 I mean we 've never been to it .
27 ‘ In fact she has never been to my home .
28 Victim Sue Howat joked : ‘ And before you ask , No , Mr Mellor has never been to my flat . ’
29 She had not , she confided in Owen , actually been to one before and the glamour and glitter plainly made her uneasy .
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