Example sentences of "[noun prp] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The Cambridge Theatre Company 's production of The Revengers Tragedy — a work believed by some to have been written by Thomas Middleton , others by Cyril Tourneur — opened this week at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre , Guildford where it runs until tomorrow ( Saturday ) before transferring on its tour to the Theatre Royal , Winchester from Tuesday to Saturday next week .
2 LASMO is now active in The Netherlands where it operates the Markham field which straddles the border between the UK and The Netherlands .
3 Similarly , the broad , low , peat-covered plateaux of central and north Lewis is repeated only in central North Uist where it resembles similar extensive , windswept and empty surfaces in mainland Sutherland and Caithness .
4 Looking back on that moment , it had often occurred to Shiona that it had marked the path that their future relationship was to take .
5 Touche Ross announced on Tuesday that it had formed a new international firm , Deloitte Ross Tohmatsu ( DRT ) without Deloitte UK .
6 Sent off for my tickets for the aforementioned match on Monday , only to find out on Tuesday that it 's been postponed ( effin Bright ) .
7 It was on a Tuesday that it happened .
8 I agree with the hon. Member for Chichester that it does not matter to the British people whether they have a pound sterling or an ecu in their pockets if their level of prosperity is being maintained and enhanced .
9 Moscow has increased the number of countries with which it has commercial dealings from four in 1960 to over twenty by the end of the 1970s , but the volume of trade has not exceeded $30 million with more than eight ( Argentina , Brazil , Uruguay , Peru , Bolivia , Mexico , Colombia and Nicaragua ) and it is only with Argentina , Brazil and Nicaragua that it has risen above the $100 million level .
10 Windata Inc announced on Friday that it has formed a subsidiary in Israel , which will develop software for management of local and wireless communication systems : the availability of many experts in telcommunications and wireless communication in Israel make the country an ideal place for such research and development according to Greg Hopkins , Windata 's chief executive ; Israel 's privileged relationship with the European Community will provide more flexibility to the subsidiary in the firm 's efforts to penetrate European markets .
11 ‘ The Michelangelo computer virus that received worldwide attention last year is expected to cause even fewer problems this Saturday than it did when it struck last year , a team of IBM researchers said ’ .
12 I think we 're entitled to ask if Nottinghamshire faces those problems , what is peculiar about Leicestershire that it did face those problems but all of a sudden it does n't face those problems .
13 While both Angevins would naturally have liked to get their own way in both regions it is likely that the Quercy meant more to Richard than it did to Henry .
14 Indeed , it was one of the great merits of manufacturing to the early eighteenth-century observer Daniel Defoe that it brought increased employment and greater prosperity to a district compared with those which remained wholly dependent on agriculture .
15 Gemmell just kept in by Crosby and it comes again to Gemmell .
16 During the weeks directly afterwards he confided his distress in Keith Gregory and it established a strong bond between them .
17 Then , he wrote a West End musical based on his aunt 's Remembering Judi and it transferred to Broadway , with Nina Kenyon making an impressive singing debut in her original role , finally outgrossing everything written by Andrew Lloyd Webber .
18 I took two and on Tuesday and it 's been fine since so God knows what 's gone wrong .
19 That was her style in the Falklands and it remained her style in a number of the confrontations that she faced over the next years .
20 I still prefer my green chesterfield , Bobby and it gets so much rough treatment but they mellow .
21 For example , one of the galleries might want the Picasso if it also gets the Cezanne but not the Turner ; but it would not insist on the Picasso if it got the Turner ; but would want both if it did not get the Cezanne .
22 I had been very naive when we started out in Rotherham and it came as a shock to me to realize that not everyone can see the justness of a just cause .
23 Last but not least , Keith is an historian who has frequently visited Mexico and it does n't faze him that I , as a Mexican , should come to his country to write about its artists .
24 Had been found lacking by Dionne and it hurt .
25 and it will not in that sense make any difference to God love , make a lot of difference to you and to me , but it will not make any difference to God 's love whether we spend our eternity in heaven or in hell , he will not love those in heaven any more than he loves those who are already , who will be punished for ever in hell , because God 's love is eternal , it did n't start at Bethlehem , it did n't start at Calvary and it does n't end when you and I die , as love is eternal , so God has provided salvation for every body and he offers salvation to all who will come to him in repent and and seine fe and except his salvation , you see when the Lord Jesus Christ died upon Calvary 's cross he died to make salvation available for who , for every body , you see he did n't just lay your sins on Jesus , listen to what the old testament profit Isaiah says , there in that tremendous fifty third chapter , and , and in what it 's in verse six , all of us says the profit like sheep have gone astray , each of us has turn to his own way , but the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on him , whether you and I reject Jesus Christ or accept him does not alter the fact that our sin was laid on Jesus the sins are the most awful person you can think of were laid on Jesus Christ , Jesus Christ paid the sins for , for , for , for men like Hitler , he paid theirs , the price for their sins , as much as he paid the price for the sins of somebody like St Francis of Assisi So God is not partial , it 's clear from scripture that all maybe saved , he made salvation available to all in that same book of Isaiah in chapter forty five , verse twenty two , it says look unto me all the ends of the earth are being saved said the Lord , in Romans one sixteen Paul says I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God onto salvation to all who will believe , and the verse we 've already quoted John three sixty , for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son , that who so ever believe in him should not perish , but have ever lasting life and Paul when writing to Timothy says he gives his own personal testimony he says this is a good and a faithful saying , it 's worthy of every body accepting that God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth , so it 's quite clear that all maybe saved .
26 he never does that and that , and that 's what we were saying on Friday and it seems like , and I think you 've tried to put all those in but change yourself a bit .
27 I tell you what I made a printing machine on Friday and it works .
28 In the hit movie Withnall and I , the two visit Riggindale and it drives them almost to the brink of distraction .
29 She kissed Lucy and it did n't matter that somehow her lips landed only on her cheek .
30 During the Second World War Petwood was requisitioned by the R.A.F. and it became the Officer 's Mess for 617 Squadron , better known as ‘ The Dambusters ’ , after their bombings of the Mohne and Eder dams .
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