Example sentences of "not said " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 Tallis 's case is convincing , though he has certainly not said the last word on the matter , and there may well be further arguments from those who are professionally engaged in linguistics .
2 Yet one picks it up , in hints and implications , in the not-quite-concealed exasperation of polite administrators , in the raised eyebrows and brief knowing smiles of senior academics on committees ; indeed , it is as much a matter of what is significantly not said , as of what is said ; in poststructuralist terms , of lacunae , vides , silences .
3 The UN has called on the Home Office to reconsider the ‘ humanitarian aspects ’ in his case , but has not said he deserves asylum .
4 The UN had not said he deserved political asylum .
5 Later she came to depend more upon excision , upon the evocation of what she called ‘ the thing not said ’ ; castigating Balzac for delivering an excess of information , she praised the hint , the pared-down suggestion .
6 He has not said whether he will consider taking a peerage .
7 Was it possible that her sister had taken on a new maid for the Fanshawes ' flat and not said anything about it ?
8 Stories appeared that were untrue , newspapers quoted things she had not said and she began to feel panicky .
9 Perhaps he had not said to himself that in a marriage between two like this , someone was going to have to know a little less clearly what they had wanted .
10 Neither of us has talked about it and I had not said I was writing until I have now started , but your father says he lay awake nearly all night thinking about it .
11 Though they had not said what time they would arrive , Vic was ready for his guests .
12 Have I not said so ? ’
13 ‘ But I have not said I will not come !
14 Rosa Jacobsen had not said where the giants had removed to . …
15 She had not said ‘ We 'll all be one happy family ’ .
16 What the devil can I say to you I 've not said before ? ’
17 Successive Secretaries of State have stated that only by the unvarying observance of this practice is it possible to ensure that in no circumstances is anything said or not said which , by comparison with what was said on a different occasion , might imply that a warrant had or had not been issued .
18 But the vital point is what was not said .
19 I always find that all the children move without realizing that you have not said ‘ Simon Says ’ .
20 As with the unconscious , of course , what is not said tells us as much as , or more than , what is said .
21 Serbia , the only republic that has not signed the EC plan , has not said if it will accept .
22 The voice that could reach with ease to the upper gallery of the Shield Theatre sounded in the Holborn drawing-room , calling attention to the silent young man who had arrived with the Professor but so far had not said a word .
23 If the house they referred to , thought Rufus , had been Wyvis Hall , why had they not said so ?
24 She realised it was thoughtless of her to have rushed out and not said where she would be going , nor that she would n't want anything to eat .
25 A closer interpretation is necessary in family work , with the counsellor focusing on the statement rather than passing it off or trying to pretend that it was not said , seeking to analyse and ascertain what exactly was being said , why is was said , and what the real message might be .
26 Chantal had not said how she now felt about Philippe Chaumont , and he felt unable to ask .
27 Explanation : These are statements that have been made without the provision of supporting evidence ; for example , Keith is said to be aggressive but the person writing the information has not said why .
28 A spokesman said : ‘ We have not said it was a hoax .
29 ‘ He has not said anything about it to me , ’ the letter continued ,
30 But the words were not said as if from the mind of a child but from that of an adult who had experienced many things .
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