Example sentences of "[ex0] [modal v] be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 What personal records there may be of more general ‘ social life ’ have the limitations that their authors are rarely ‘ ordinary ’ people .
2 The only clues we have are the symptoms and signs , both past and present , and any history there may be of possible precipitating factors .
3 But , however many ways there may be of being alive , it is certain that there are vastly more ways of being dead , or rather not alive .
4 A major part of the nurse 's role is therefore to assess how much help a patient requires and what risks there may be to his safety .
5 Whatever advantages there may be to the shareholders in the adoption of one or other of these goals as the object of directors ' duties , liability rules , as will be shown in more detail in section II , are too unsophisticated a control technique to make it possible in practice to discriminate between them .
6 By that method we fix our minds on some central point : we suppose it for the time to be reduced to a stationary state ; and we then study in relation to it the forces that affect the things by which it is surrounded , and any tendency there may be to equilibrium of these forces .
7 According to them , to accept the legitimacy of an authority is simply to accept that whatever other reasons there may be for a certain action , its being required by the authority is an additional reason for its performance .
8 It is possible that there may be for instance some appalling typographical gremlin er has crept in to something so that something makes a nonsense .
9 We think there may be at least two explanations for this .
10 In our part of the world we keep up the brave talk for the sake of the image of the region , so that there may be at least some inward investment and so that those industrialists , small business , training centres , local enterprises and cooperatives which are struggling so hard to make a go of it , will not be discouraged from at least having a go , but there is n't much hope and conviction really .
11 But it can be difficult to get in and out of and there may be times when it 's too warm — then what do you do ?
12 It is important to notice that although the symptoms displayed by the patient usually relate to the terminal illness , there may be times when they arise from some separate , independent condition .
13 In addition to personal financial interests , there may be times when a councillor has a personal interest in a matter other than a financial one , which may influence his consideration of that matter .
14 There may be times when you need to remind yourself of this fact .
15 I accept that this is a possibility and that , even if one believes in reincarnation , there may be times when it is the patient 's subconscious which is providing the ‘ information ’ about a previous existence .
16 To do that there may be times when we need to put trust in a professional to help solve our difficulties .
17 In spite of all your endeavours , there may be times when you encounter difficulties in the training process .
18 However large or small your business operation , whether you manufacture goods or provide a service , there may be times when you need to borrow funds for the day-to-day financing of your working capital or to tide you over an unexpected cash flow problem .
19 Maybe P and Q and R behave alike , but there may be times when the algorithm folds a set { P , Q , R } where , say , Q sometimes occurs in a context which never contains P or R. The algorithm looks for any context which contains some of X 's children but not the others .
20 There may be times when , in the pressure of a hectic Monday morning , this may seem of marginal relevance ; but there are plenty of times when it does not .
21 There may be times when you feel entitled to exterminate strangers but strangers do not engage in quarrels , nor do they intermarry .
22 There will inevitably be occasions — hopefully few — when your pay is incorrect or there may be times when you want to question the amount you have received .
23 Although it can become distracting if the children always want to use it when you 're working as a whole group , there may be times when you want everybody to take a piece of cloth and make themselves something with it — a headband or a belt in a particular colour , for example to identify them as belonging to a particular group .
24 I was especially conscious that any resistance there may be on the part of Mrs Clements , or the two girls , to the taking on of duties beyond their traditional boundaries would be compounded by any notion that their workloads had greatly increased .
25 Consensus theorists allocated a very important role to values ; whatever differences in expected behaviour there may be between different groups within a society they consider that a general consensus on the most significant values — central values — must exist for any society to operate satisfactorily .
26 whatever disagreement there may be about size , there can be no doubt that this sector will not disappear easily and there is every evidence to show that with the economic crises of the 1980s , it has been increasing .
27 Whatever perplexities there may be about ontology ( that is , about the nature of the reality described ) there is no perplexity whatever about the procedures .
28 Whatever doubts there may be about Edward 's commitment to crusade , none can be entertained of John XXII's , for he did all that he could to bring England to a state of peace and Edward to the point of departure .
29 Whatever reservations there may be about individual decisions from time to time , the basic premise that most planning decisions should be taken locally has never been seriously challenged .
30 Such " success " as there may be from legal prohibition of alcohol or other addictive substances is gained at the expense of creating the suffering of " Dry Drunks " .
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