Example sentences of "i gave " in BNC.

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1 Well yes , but let me say that I gave up going to auditions well before I became well known through The History Man , on television .
2 I gave up because I felt insulted .
3 I gave them a three-hour lecture on the basic principles of stochastics , he said .
4 I gave him a cup of coffee .
5 I gave him an even chance , of course . ’
6 I gave her a gruesome murder to deal with … homicide is new territory for women — the need for capture and revenge is largely masculine . ’
7 She gave me a slap and I gave her one back .
8 I gave us both a refill .
9 ‘ No , I gave that up as a bad job years ago . ’
10 I did all the usual stuff — I gave her some money and stuck her on a tube train to a night shelter , but while I was walking out of the tube station , I thought to myself , ‘ you complacent bitch ’ ’ you know .
11 Your hands are playing with the glass I gave you .
12 So I gave him a copy of my summary .
13 I gave them money , full of pride that I was richer than at least one English person , even if he was a beggar .
14 As I gave her an exaggerated account of my clashes with different members of my family , she continued to discourage me , saying that the work in London was hard and that exile was no easy way of life .
15 When Aisha returned from work , coming through the door weighed down with plastic carrier bags , her coat smelling of perfume mixed with cigarette smoke , I gave a shiver of anger : I wanted to carry shopping bags like that and wear a coat like hers !
16 I gave thanks that I had time and energy to simply enjoy and absorb .
17 ‘ So I gave him a clip across the back and told him ‘ No ! ’
18 I gave him a real dressing-down . ’
19 Not that I gave it serious thought .
20 It was most unusual to see Taff down like this and as I gave him my condolences I was thinking that the sadness was beginning to reach almost everyone .
21 At first light I gave Taff a shake and presented him with a mug of tea .
22 I gave him a final wave just before we turned into the approach road leading to the village .
23 ‘ To the preparation of both courses of lectures I gave far more attention than I had latterly been giving at Durham . ’
24 When afros came in I gave up .
25 I gave in ; I had to' ( p. 294 ) .
26 In fact , I gave her the bum 's rush — although it was quite inadvertent .
27 What do you mean ? she said At that point I gave up .
28 They took me to West End Central and , instead of telling them what had really happened , I gave them a story .
29 I gave you a false name .
30 As soon as I saw you go down I gave the order to fire , ’ Moran said .
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