Example sentences of "be said " in BNC.

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1 It has been said of him that he would rather live in his native country , and not be allowed to publish , than go elsewhere and be free to do so .
2 Its characters have been said to sound English .
3 It has been said , by Dan Jacobson , that he ‘ aestheticises ’ his response to violence .
4 This kind of thing has been said about Hamlet , to whom , as I say , Kelman alludes , and more than alludes .
5 These books and plays and films reveal a humanity which surmounts , as has been said , the hardship and brutality they describe — surmounts it , as a rule , by laughing at it .
6 And it has been said that local authorities are not always very sympathetic to acting as a choice of career and sometimes obtaining a grant may be more difficult if a student has evidently changed his or her career tack .
7 The career of one of his Foreign Office contemporaries had been said to have foundered after he said ‘ Pepper and salt ’ to the wife of a diplomat with uncertainly coloured hair and a poor command of the English language .
8 ‘ My dear fellow , we spend our time here working on things that should n't have been said , but unless they are , ’ he added thoughtfully , ‘ nobody gets anywhere .
9 A lot has been said recently about the Ballerina series of trees .
10 They prepared Cameron for his appearance in the High Court of Justiciary by one final interview , a dry recapitulation of what had been said before , with the slightest of hints that it would go well for him if he divulged something about the United Scotsmen , who evidently still preyed on their minds .
11 It means something has been said or something has happened that has put the subject of the remark in an uncomfortable place .
12 AT LEAST Mrs Donaldson ( September ) does n't have to ensure the bearded drinker 's frequent first encounter on the glasses front , which is to find the barman reaching for a pint glass before a word 's been said .
13 Yet vestigial gestures towards value persist , usually at the end of an exposition , where the critic in a final flourish claims , or at least hopes , that something valuable has emerged from the analysis ; a revelation of the quality of the author 's imagination ; or of the inevitable tendency of all texts to be about their own processes of composition , or to come apart in the reader 's hand ; or of the aesthetic fascination of the patterns of imagery that have been revealed ; or , at the very least , and least interestingly , that something ‘ interesting ’ will have been said .
14 Very little has been said about the boom in modern prints .
15 And how he tried — speeding from study group to policy committee , from National Executive Committee to Cabinet , from office to platform , spraying out speeches , press releases and lengthy papers reminding his colleagues of what had been said in their manifesto .
16 With the consumer industry and media boffins jamming up behind one another to support the unquestionably fine ideals of conservation , one can only wish that they would ask themselves as they prepare to board one more rolling bandwagon whether they really have anything to add to what has already been said .
17 ‘ A lot has been said about how weak Welsh rugby is , ’ the coach Alex Wyllie said .
18 In response to my attempts to historicize perversion it has been said : ‘ OK , we see how you might want to rescue homosexuality from the pejorative category of a perversion , but surely not incest or bestiality ? ’
19 The tone in which Cap it had been said smarted like a cut .
20 In another age and another society it might have been said that they loved each other .
21 He was n't shocked by what he had been told ; he was astonished that it should have been said to him by his own daughter .
22 At that time , the building could have been said to typify the dereliction of the whole London docks area .
23 Erika felt goose-pimples on her arms and the thought crossed her mind that , despite all that had been said to her about courage , perhaps she was n't really cut out for stardom , after all .
24 ‘ Solid , thorough , plodding , even , ’ ( that had been said of him by a Bromberg once to Frau Nordern — — but once only ) ‘ but kind in his shy way and decent to the very core . ’
25 It has been said that Lewis 's expressed distaste for the poetry of his contemporaries , such as MacNeice and Eliot , was based on jealousy .
26 There is very little to say about the new Robert Zemeckis film that has n't been said about the old one .
27 It has been said that it is best not to know too much about salami and other sausages , in the same way that ignorance about haggis aids its enjoyment and easy digestion .
28 Until 1958 , when Siegmund Warburg masterminded a hostile bid by an Anglo-Canadian consortium for British Aluminium , it would also have been said in both Britain and America .
29 Something has already been said as to the assignment of ordinary debts and ‘ choses in action' ; and the law relating to negotiable instruments — bills of exchange , cheques , and promissory notes — will be dealt with in the next chapter .
30 It has been said of them that ‘ in order to be different they dress exactly alike ’ !
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