Example sentences of "[that] [vb mod] give you " in BNC.

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1 And that , I mean it 's very very readable and I think if you just read those two books that should give you quite a good
2 ‘ Do n't you know anything else about her that might give you a lead ?
3 ‘ What you need is a couple of babies , ’ she observed ‘ That 'll give you something to think about . ’
4 What would you differentiate that would give you X ?
5 Two books that will give you all the details you could wish for on carp fishing are The Carp Strikes Back by Rod Hutchinson ( Wonderdog Publications ) and Carp Fever by Kevin Maddocks ( Beekay ) .
6 How many times have you read or heard someone say ‘ Listen within , listen to your conscience , to that still inner voice that will give you direction on how to live your life and how to overcome its hurdles ’ ?
7 There is no one that will give you the keys to paradise .
8 It may mean some gentle but very straight talking , if your parent does not realise your need to have time alone with your friends , but if you can not bring yourself to establish this right , you will have precious little hope of organising any other social activities that will give you a break from daily routine .
9 This is because the bottom sheet of your bed will be floating on a deep cushion of fleecy lambswool that will give you the most restful , satisfying and sound sleep of your life .
10 Demonstrations of on-line systems and implementation via the all important OSI standard that will give you more than a taste of what is already possible in the Age of Information .
11 First you require a second enlarger , an old anything with a lens , together with something that will give you a reasonably diffused light .
12 Ultimately it is the development that your competitors will make that will give you the opportunity — or the problem .
13 Once you 've exhausted the variations that will give you the step height you need , try different materials , as cutting bricks or walling slabs to give the desired height is not easy .
14 First you require a second enlarger , an old anything with a lens , together with something that will give you reasonably diffuse light .
15 With any luck that will give you some help . ’
16 I 'd like you to think if I say building that will give you the idea .
17 I mean you know you do n't always get people that will give you a wee helping hand .
18 I think that within the Company you need to look at major , major non- conformances in two ways , one is the major performance that will give you problems over getting a registration pass over five oh , but in another one a major non- conformance i.e , there 's a problem with the job , which is it might only be a minor non-conformance in relation to five seven five oh , but is a big problem for you as a company .
19 There 's only one source that can give you the answer and it might be pointed our that their refusal to divulge this information might put the whole future of NATO at risk and that the individual ultimately responsible for the negative decision would be answerable directly to the president of the United States .
20 More specialised graphics software includes computer-aided design ( cad ) programs ; the so-called art software that can give you displays and printouts of diagrams ( freehand or line , for example those of structures , flowcharts , geometrical situations ) ; and special programs for work with shapes and patterns .
21 I mean , th there are other things that can give you a hit .
22 If you 've ever wondered what it feels like to go into space , a new machine is available that can give you a pretty good idea .
23 But that man does live near you that can give you a lift .
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