Example sentences of "[that] [pers pn] [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps I could just advise members , Chairman , that erm , that the timescale for that would be fairly tight , erm , and my recollection is that when we er , we went out to consultation previously in the sphere of learning disability on an issue that I well you should know , erm , I think there were some thirteen plus consultation meetings required in , in order to , erm , to get a fair spread of , of , of opinion .
2 And er I got roped into it one year because I had to stop in for something or other that I Course I had n't done but
3 Not that you well you may not be interested in that but y'know it 's there 's plenty of variety as it were yeah
4 Oh this place that you where you would n't get a handbag stolen and all that .
5 So erm I 'm just throwing this out as an idea that we perhaps we offer one half of this amount here
6 If you can manage to get one photo of a gunmen in all that crowd , how many more were there they did n't get a photo of you know , erm , so that 's bull shit for a start the said that they only fired upon identified targets , going on motorbikes , and erm , I mean the thing is , the para 's are a highly disciplined , highly trained apparently at a you were n't even allowed to go out there without at least five years experience yeah , they were soldiers , they need and I ca n't believe that they negligibly you know , cos there was women and children there , and nearly all of them had wives and kids , you know , and there was reports from like the Irish saying oh yeah , they were mixing body er , care and body people and fucking laughing and joking over dead bodies and my old man said yeah if you just , if you just seen something drop most people will laugh and joke about it , you know I do n't know if you 've ever meet this sort of , old man , but the service sort of a , a unique sense of they can laugh at anything , you know they can see somebody with its guts put out in front of them and they 'll fucking crack out about it , its the only way they can stop themselves cracking up , or fucking crying sort of thing .
7 So so so I say that first because we have in the past had people who felt worried by this attitude , they felt you know that they really they were people who perhaps had a background in the National Trust and who really felt that it was their job to say , oh no do n't touch that .
8 Often these problems are merely irritating , but for some women the problem can be so severe that they way they live their life can be affected .
9 It might automatically be assumed that because that was the name of our branch , we should be in the public service section and that it why we 've changed the name of the branch to Bristol and District Staff because we are an odds and sods branch .
10 The if I can talk perhaps a little bit about the particular system that I 'm interested in , the way it works is that it well it diagnoses abdominal pain ; if you go into the erm particular casualty department — in the fact the Royal Sussex County Hospital at the moment — with back pain in your abdomen , lower abdomen , then the symptoms will be taken by a doctor and he will then go to the diagnostic computer and feed these symptoms in .
11 We will have a different attitude , we 'll bear to watch what is happening in competitive tendering and to ask questions and to get the right the facts on competitive tendering because we found a lot of these round the competitive tendering do n't you , do n't you worry and we ai n't finished with it yet I can tell you and also we have ev , the people who are , the in house , walking in the house , have a right to have some protection from it , to see that when we dole out those contracts that it least they are genuine and they 've got a someone to see that that their interest is looked after .
12 When do we , we take it fed up like that it off they 're no good .
13 but it was n't it was just that he probably it was
14 Such is Macari 's sense of insult to his personal integrity that he once he once defended himself in an ominously dramatic tone .
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