Example sentences of "[that] [pron] know how " in BNC.

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1 There are some good points — like explaining that everyone knows how to keep their balance and that normal balance should be used when skiing .
2 Aaron Wildavsky argued that while PPBS had many shortcomings , the fundamental reason for its demise was that no-one knew how to do programme budgeting .
3 I could n't wait to run home and tell my mother that I knew how to mix colours . ’
4 I 'm not sure that I know how to explain it to you . ’
5 When he was engaged in writing The Cocktail Party , he was asked how long he would devote himself to the theatre rather than to poetry ; he replied , " Until I can convince people that I know how to write a popular play " .
6 I 'm well educated and I 've got two children and I can manage pretty well , there 's a number of much more essential things that I know how to do , but I ca n't do those ones , and when they come up I feel like weeping myself sick . "
7 I 'm er I 'm pretty clear what 's expected of me but not so certain that I know how to make it sufficiently interesting to achieve your undivided attention .
8 ‘ It 's just that I know how all-controlling you are .
9 You know , perhaps if you straightened up on the side , or made it a bit more symmetrical , so that I know how to improve it next time .
10 That I know how but I bought it
11 On the way in from the airport , Hurley had warned him that the back bedroom was full of electronic gear that nobody knew how to use .
12 Essentially the message is that nobody knows how far community care can be made to stretch without snapping under the strain .
13 She told herself , now again , that she knew how to handle Papa .
14 At this point Suor Eusebia intervened and told them that she knew how to open it .
15 After all that had happened she was still unable to betray Peter — in fact , it was because of all that had happened that she felt she could n't be the one to give away the details of his difficulties , especially not to Marc , now that she knew how things stood between them both .
16 Now that she knew how despicable Robert Sheldrake was , she would fight him with every method at her disposal .
17 Let him assume that she knows how annoying it is and does it to annoy — if you know your job he will not notice the immense improbability of the assumption .
18 Just enough to make sure Okay , maybe not a difficult as that one was , just enough really to make sure that you knew how to do the calculations .
19 It is vital , therefore , that you know how to stretch properly and safely .
20 This will have to be calculated carefully so that you know how many stitches to cast on .
21 If you know what your aims are ; if you make sure that you know how to memorise and recall ; if your reviews are effective , with good concentration , you may feel yourself well on the way to becoming a successful student with a bright future .
22 We must assume that you know how to express yourself in sentences .
23 Your forbearance is a weapon that you know how to use all too well . ’
24 How could I forget that you know how to do most things , short of open-heart surgery ? ’
25 Are you sure that you know how to use the Ctrl and Alt keys ?
26 * Learn the " language " of examination and set essay questions , so that you know how to " speak " suitable answers ( pp. 15 – 17 ) .
27 When children injure themselves , it is important that you know how to give the right first aid treatment , quickly , quietly and with lots of reassurance to the child .
28 If you do not understand the instructions then write to the manufacturer concerned , it is very important that you know how much to feed .
29 Following reason in this way shows that one knows how to go on ( to use again Wittgenstein 's phrase ) within the discipline .
30 It is almost true to say that we know how the genetic program determines the shape of a ribosome .
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