Example sentences of "[that] i be give " in BNC.

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1 I have a battle to win and would ask only that I am given the chance to do so without intrusion in my private life .
2 In each case , if I am to claim that this revelation or experience is of ‘ God ’ , and is not simply an expression of some form of mental delusion which should be referred to a psychoanalyst , then I am forced to debate the interpretation that I am giving .
3 ‘ Bowe has always said that I am the man he wants more than anybody and now that I am giving him the perfect opportunity , he is shying away from it .
4 Anne is abroad at the moment , doing some research , but she left a message with someone that I 'm to give her a ring when she gets back .
5 So , it 's three units that I 'm giving my siblings .
6 In Joshua chapter one , in verses two and three , Moses my servant is dead now therefore arise , cross this Jordan , you and all his people to the land that I 'm giving to them , to the sons of Israel .
7 erm And as I said , we 're trying to , not that I 'm giving the opposite view to Doctor Plumtree , as I said , we 're trying to fund the people on the front line , you know , the foresters in their back yard , as it were , we 're trying to preserve it , and we also feel we 're not being patronising , it 's not like we 're writing out a large cheque and saying ’ here you are ’ , we 're actually putting a lot of time and effort into this , I mean , it 's now become a full time job for me and certainly for Dave Kester , and all the other people working on it .
8 The reply that I was given is as follows : ’ The external finance limit for BR next year will be £2,041 million .
9 er Mr talked about the figures , I 'm convinced that the figures that , that I was given still include Perzon House I 'm convinced that those figures were not , have not been taken out erm I do n't know who should audit the figures , perhaps the internal audit should audit the figures .
10 When I yeah when I was commercial manager for er one of the things that I was given the job to do was to sort out the company 's buying .
11 Er what is necessary for me to also convey to you is that the theme that I was given today was one of forgiveness .
12 Right , the trouble i the problem that we do have is a very big syllabus that I was given .
13 Oh they left it that I was to give to Arthur and June .
14 She said : ‘ I had just been saying that I was giving up the lotto , but my husband , Martin , encouraged me to keep trying . ’
15 the work that I was giving him
16 We 've just finished the first round of waivers for people receiving the Home Care Service , and the criteria that I was giving you reflected those , and so when you get your letter , if you feel that you 've got particular financial problems or particular family situations we should take into account , erm then do get in touch with us and we 'll process it and we 'll set out a procedure for you in the letter that we send .
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