Example sentences of "[that] i be [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I propose to devote a whole chapter to so-called ‘ association copies ’ , partly for the selfish reason that I am myself devoted to them and partly because , looking at them as objectively as I can , they seem to me to offer one of the most satisfying branches of book-collecting , especially to anyone with the slightest sense of history .
2 That I am what I am .
3 So often , in all this , I have felt that I am nothing .
4 I know that I am a thing made of metal and plastic , but also that I am something which lives inside that metal and plastic .
5 But this does n't mean that I am anything less than an enthusiastic supporter of Scottish rugby .
6 Tolonen 's appointment as General would certainly help in that regard , but I must also show them that I am my own man , not merely my father 's shadow .
7 ‘ You have to remember , Dorothy , that I am your friend .
8 Stephanie , who on screen proved she was Queen Bitch , turned on Caulfield , sharpened her acting talons and told him , ‘ Not only am I going to prove in front of the camera that I am your mother , but I 'm also the person who will knock you into shape . ’
9 Well may I forget that I am your servant when you forget what belongs to a master .
10 ‘ You seem to forget that I am your skivvy , Dr Neil , not a fine lady to be cosseted . ’
11 Do n't have to talk about an just a good chat you know just I do n't want to I do n't want to talk about good people or all about that I do n't want to talk about that I want to talk I want to talk to that person out there who will feel now that it is them that I am I am appealing to I am appealing I now .
12 I take it that I do n't like modern art and yet I can imagine that while being the same person that I am I might have liked modern art .
13 And what I want to do is , as the moment where I 'm going in and teaching in the area that I am I do n't mind the learning support bit , I do n't mind the fact that the chil er the , the , yeah , yeah
14 That I am he
15 I did n't have a chance to prove that I 'm somebody as well , that I 'm not nothing .
16 It 's more that I 'm his son .
17 He said that you 'll say that I 'm his sister .
18 I said that I 'm he says er I said to her Dave here told me I should jump you !
19 I I really know I mean it it 's not that I 'm I 'm no where near like I was before , I know because I was You know reservoir treatment before , but er
20 That I 'm I 'm almost convinced .
21 And er and she said he enjoys it and he goes to playgroup I think he must go to Dennington playgroup cos he 's going to Dennington school , and he enjoys sitting down and being , likes looking at books and he 's started writing and she said actually she said I 'm really panicking because I 'm frightened that I might be teaching him wrong and that I 'm I said well why do n't you pop in and have a word at the school ?
22 Yeah , but I 'm finding this I 'm doing this patterns thing and it 's all about transformations and that , and I , and there 's so much gobbledegook with it that I 'm I 'm ge I 'm getting lost my mind is getting lost in the gobbledegook Cos I know what
23 The self-analysis is disarmingly frank , ‘ Keith Fletcher and Geoff Arnold have both said that I 'm my own biggest enemy , that I do n't believe in myself .
24 I feel secure in the sense that I 'm my own sort of person and I feel loved by Lucy .
25 I 'd like you to be quite sure that I 'm who I say I am .
26 ‘ Valentine , you 're a real winner , ’ proclaimed the front of the card , followed with ‘ … and you 'll be pleased to know that I 'm your prize ! ’ as the message inside .
27 Fact one is that I 'm your half-brother 's fiancée . ’
28 Do you think that I 'm mine 's more broad than Mary 's ?
29 I know your ego finds that hard to believe , but just because we had a good time together for a couple of days does not necessarily mean that I 'm yours to play with whenever you feel like it ! ’
30 There has always been a vigorous tradition of English studies in adult education , and indeed it was through such classes that I was myself able to become a mature student in the early 1950s .
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