Example sentences of "[that] i [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 It is only after listening again to my tape-recording of our meeting that I hear him eventually say in his educated , upper-class Dublin accent : ‘ Well , over 90 per cent of people who get raped are not injured in that rape . ’
2 You see — ’ she looked up once more and met his direct blue gaze ‘ — you think I wanted to marry you , that I planned it all , but you were wrong , I did n't . ’
3 It was n't till years later that I realised they had n't even remembered to ask if f was a lesbian .
4 ‘ I knew that Alan liked the odd drink but it was n't until we were living together that I realised her was more or less an alcoholic , and violent with it . ’
5 It was n't until he asked if he could take some off that I realised he had got himself well wrapped up — with 24 articles of clothing , ’ said Taylor .
6 It was only on re-reading Szasz that I realised I had been touched on a sensitive spot — the struggle for individual identity — and that that spot was central to the problem of anorexia nervosa .
7 It was years later that I realised I really would have to tackle it , but I found it was much easier than I had expected .
8 Later in that passage he wrote : ‘ It was n't until thirty years later when I saw her in another woman [ Elizabeth Taylor ] that I realised I had been searching for her all my life . ’
9 It was n't until I underwent hypnosis that I realised I was still a Catholic .
10 It was n't until half an hour later that I realised I was on C1 .
11 It was just as I was sitting down in the living room with my cup of coffee that I realised I 'd left my bag on the train .
12 But as I left my car and started to go into the house it was then that I realised I was falling under the spell of this Englishwoman who had been such a delightful and charming companion that day . ’
13 It was then that I realised I needed some first aid training . ’
14 Of course , ’ he added with a twisted smile , ‘ it was n't until your last day in the office that I realised you were under the impression that it was I who 'd had the affair with Elise . ’
15 It was n't until she was really ill that I realised she was mine and I loved her more than anything .
16 It was only when friends accused me of being a pompous , humourless prat that I realised it was meant as a joke .
17 ‘ It was only when a few of the details were released that I realised it was me .
18 It was n't till the evening when we sat down and talked about it that I realised it could have been quite dangerous .
19 I was so surprised that I followed him without a word .
20 The old Frenchman was delighted with the tobacco and soap and he insisted that I join him in a drink .
21 Charles , her husband , jokes all the time about what I 'm wearing , insists that I join them for formal dinners late at night , and then teases me throughout them because I 've never eaten squid before , and I do n't know what haggis is made of .
22 It 's small wonder that this plateau has claimed lives , since in the weather that I experienced it 's impossible to have any sense of direction at all without the constant use of a compass and map .
23 I loved Tom McMahon too — you must n't be thinking I did n't , that I cheated him , but it was a different sort of love .
24 I delivered what was to be my longest speech of the evening , saying that I gathered he was keen to talk about his role , to talk about Gary .
25 It was just lucky that I spotted it in time and did something about it at such an early age , or God knows what the child might have turned into , with Saul 's soul possessing him .
26 That was the point that I heard him make in Brighton .
27 Playing tunes that bring a smile to my face and a sentimental tear to my eye , for the last time that I heard them was the day of the first Gittel 's wedding .
28 ‘ Except that I heard you threaten to . ’
29 ‘ It was just that I heard it call so I knew there must be one about . ’
30 Even if I 'd told you that I heard it on the local news , I doubt you 'd have taken my word for it .
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