Example sentences of "[adv prt] for a time " in BNC.

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1 Yeah , hold on for a time , I 'll be with you in a minute .
2 There is nothing whatever to do about it , except , possibly , to put it down for a time .
3 Press restrictions were imposed ( but quickly lifted ) and the weekly current affairs magazine Caretas was closed down for a time , commentators thereby inferring that the chief target of the coup was APRA .
4 There are indications that the mill was turned over for a time for saw milling , and possibly even cider production .
5 Proper planning was held up for a time until the route of the M4 was decided , as an early outline brought it through Harpsden and over Peppard .
6 Set the temperature to a degree or two higher than that of the maintenance tank and place the female in this set up for a time to associate herself with the layout and hiding places .
7 The arrival of the Italian soldiers was held up for a time while the Italian government bargained for an Italian to command the UN forces ( the commander is , as it happens , a Brazilian ) .
8 Some exciting advice — relayed by Andrew from a knowing uncle in the City — had jacked it up for a time , before an even bigger hole was left gaping by the failure of that magical investment .
9 That light rain will soon clear away tomorrow morning and it 'll brighten up for a time .
10 The 20mm and 40mm quick-firing guns here were in or on concrete emplacements , and although the crew of the outer guns were knocked out for a time the Germans got this battery firing again , and the searchlight on the Mole 's tip was never put out .
11 He was knocked out for a time .
12 Depends on time you go out for a time
13 The forces of Chaos are driven back for a time and a fragile peace descends on Ulthuan .
14 " Did he die almost immediately , or is there any possibility that he could have walked about for a time , even locked the door and set the alarms ? "
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