Example sentences of "[adv] [be] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 The ideas below are to be used in addition to the basic strategies , not instead of them .
2 erm in that situation I fail to understand how that can necessarily be to be honest , because the vehicle in question has done eighty thousand miles .
3 All four books reveal a steady concern with imitation and interpretation , and to read them together is to be clearer about what it is that the writer intends us to think that he thinks about things .
4 He purchased of me — the copies left on my hands — and he alone is to be applied to on the point you wish answered . ’
5 manufacturing overhead only is to be included in WIP to lower the valuation
6 'P' — if a primary run only is to be done ,
7 'S ' — if a secondary run only is to be done or
8 My main opposition in the final was Phil Brown from Birmingham , already an established international and the man who over the next decade or so was to be a team-mate of mine and to be the British anchorman in some very fine 4 × 400 metres relay performances .
9 To think so was to be conned by the art dealers .
10 One thing she 'd learned from Ace in the short time they 'd been together was to be quick on her feet .
11 The firm and repeated instruction of the strike organisers was that passive resistance alone was to be used .
12 The three structures above are to be entered into LIFESPAN .
13 " Birds generally are to be encouraged in woodland .
14 This colonnade carried a classical entablature and above was a plain wall ( where the Medieval triforium normally is to be found ) and above this a row of small clerestory windows .
15 ‘ What exactly is to be our position ? ’
16 Michelle moved on and soon was to be seen around Los Angeles with Nicholson , who had been a friend for years .
17 Of course she recognized the author to whom I referred as Ivy Compton-Burnett , who was not then ( 1948 ) so extensively known as she soon was to be .
18 Content as she generally was to be alone , this place had a distinctly solitary feel to it , and she 'd be more secure in Kelly 's extrovert company .
19 A pay bed was , of course , a bed which could be purchased within an NHS hospital and normally was to be found in the so-called private wards of these hospitals .
20 In general , more tokens are needed if relationships among several variables at once are to be examined ( Erickson and Nosanchuk 1977 : 139 ) .
21 ‘ My style has always been to be analytical , ’ says the man who gained a double first in maths at King 's College , Cambridge .
22 Little Gino , whose ambition had always been to be taller than four foot ten , had got a little too interested when it was his turn and even in the candlelight we could all see that he 'd deliberately got his charm bracelet tangled in one of Sorrel 's suspenders .
23 STAFF at Liverpool 's Victims of Violence charity home are to be balloted over strike action in support of a sacked colleague .
24 It is too easy to lose control when one lives alone ; the aim must always be to be ‘ alone but not lonely ’ .
25 Those lacking this knowledge tended not to succeed in the first graduation step and usually were to be seen a year or so later in either group D or E.
26 Once height at school entry has been measured nothing further is to be gained from such a delay .
27 THE controversial film Cathy Come Home is to be screened on British television for the first time in 17 years in as attempt to highlight the plight of the homeless .
28 If you force people to choose between a family and a job I suppose , you know , women lots of women choose the family erm the only way women will achieve more educationally is to be able to combine the two things and not always have to make these crippling decisions and choices between two things which most human beings want , so there is a lot of money being spent on research into sex inequality and so on , and that 's encouraging , but I think it 's being spent in slightly the wrong way and I think there 's a tendency to evade the crucial issues which are , of course , rather deep social issues about the organization of the family and work and they take a lot of changing , so I am ambivalent about that one .
29 That newspapers had come a long way in the interim period was beyond doubt ; that they were to travel even further was to be confirmed by the manner in which the Cadburys disposed of the News Chronicle in 1960 .
30 and much more was to be heard of the Bethnal Green survey and its implications .
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