Example sentences of "[pers pn] have been [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Oh that 's not so bad you see I 've been on holiday all last week
2 I 'd been through the trauma of losing a house once before and I knew how demoralizing and degrading it is .
3 I 'd a lump on my head the size of a goose egg ; I 'd been through some kind of hell in the spaces ; I 'd prayed for … it was not what I 'd prayed for at all .
4 ‘ Knowing what I 'd been through ?
5 I 'd been through so many rehearsals of this moment in London .
6 I would have discovered once I 'd been through it all .
7 I 'd been over the pub at dinnertime .
8 And I 'd got them here and I thought well I do n't know what to do with them and I b b interested in I 'm interested in going back in time , I 'll go anywhere where I can see something and I 'd been over there and they 'd got some Home Guard stuff in a case , only a small show , and I asked them if they 'd like it and they said yes .
9 Well sent off wi after I 'd been about beginning to be co you know , could e eat something , I had cups of tea , with a egg beat up that 's what I used to get when you got typhoid .
10 This was the first time I 'd been into a prison and a number of things struck me during the day .
11 " I feel worn out , much more than I would if I 'd been for miles on the moor .
12 THERE is a first time for everything : Aladdin was the first panto I 'd been to and the first Frank Bruno has performed in .
13 All the doctors , psychiatrists and groups I 'd been to so far for help had made me feel worse than ever : could she be any different ?
14 I 'd been to a party at Cipriani 's in The Strand which went on all hours .
15 I 'd been to Rome before , of course , but Naples … well , it 's something altogether different .
16 Though I 'd visited the family in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi , it had been two years since I 'd been to their camp on the Gulf .
17 I 'd been to thirteen convents but I had n't really been to school properly because I was working by the time I was thirteen .
18 He asked me if I 'd been to Eton , but seemed more or less satisfied when I told him I was educated at Cheltenham Ladies ’ College .
19 Some days after I 'd been to the supermarket for the week 's shopping I 'd be smashed , there 'd be nothing left .
20 Well , I dropped in one evening , a summer evening it was , as I recall it , after I 'd been to dinner at the Chelsea Arts Club and I felt in urgent need of a little female company .
21 I 'd been , a few weeks ago I 'd been to a wedding , and it was the most boring
22 When she 'd calmed down she asked me if I 'd been to the doctors , and we made arrangements for her to take me down .
23 And I 'd been to As I tell you , I 'd been to night school , joinery classes .
24 And I 'd been to As I tell you , I 'd been to night school , joinery classes .
25 Anyway after about a week , all men as been worked in the pits , By the way I 'd been down I 'd been to the .
26 Like , I 'd been to church , been to Sunday School , so I knew all the stuff in the Bible , but I guess I needed to envisage it … see it , in my own terms . ’
27 I , I only took one case on after I was married er and that er that was a maternity case I 'd been to the first baby .
28 ‘ I suppose you thought I 'd been to school :
29 I 'd been to sea for a few years .
30 He I I 'd been to them over a a period of about two years erm with all sorts o of different problems and in the end he said , You know I can increase your drugs but that wo n't help .
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