Example sentences of "[pers pn] be for [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 How glad I am for them !
2 I can see how hopelessly unsuitable I am for you ; all I ever do is misunderstand what you say , and weep .
3 " But think how good I am for you .
4 If I do n't get them , I 'm for it .
5 ‘ And I 'm for it , ’ Nevil stated .
6 He says , ‘ All right , 125 ’ ; and then after ten minutes he says , ‘ On your way , ’ so I got dressed and went out and thought , ‘ Now I 'm for it , ’ but I heard nothing more .
7 I thought , I 'm for it now , but all she said when she 'd bustled in and taken the coal from the cart , was , 'Ere yar .
8 " But I 'm for it . "
9 Why , you were as hot for me as I was for you ! ’
10 I said I 'm on a YTS , she went oh she said I do n't know if you 're for them , I said er well if you do n't I 'll find out and then tell you at the she goes , yeah , we 'll do that she says but I do , I do n't know if owe have to pay for them or not , you know she said I think you 're supposed to have a form .
11 Any nonsense and you 're for it . ’
12 I mean , if the police stop you on the motorway , you know you 're for it , whether you 've done anything or not .
13 A sense which can work against his best interests — for I need not repeat how much I respect Amaryllis , how entirely delightful and suitable I find her and how wonderfully rare she is for me who has — as man to man I can tell you what you must guess — several times been urged to marry .
14 ‘ She 's very clever , ’ William said at once , ‘ making lovely shoes she is for them actresses in the theatre . ’
15 She felt the tight leather skirt being wriggled upwards to bare her scorching behind , and when his cool fingers touched her hot flesh she realised just how hot she was for him .
16 How ready she was for him to fuck her .
17 It will obviously take some time , you know Alex is , must be going through a terrible strain himself and he must be concerned about us er as we are for him .
18 To actually erm I 'd gather the evidence of how far down the line we are for her , saying that would that would be a a six monthly check .
19 Argol is on his way in a kind of steel tub , apparently , and when he gets here we are for it .
20 Oh , we 're for it , ’ he said .
21 We 're for it for patriotic reasons .
22 ‘ Now we 're for it , ’ whispered her sister .
23 ‘ Now we 're for it . ’
24 Should we , because we 're for us today ?
25 Of course we thought we were for it .
26 They are for me . ’
27 They are for them nearer to home .
28 Carry on now , they are for us .
29 They are for you , Ranulf .
30 It is like going into Europe — the important thing is by reiteration to make people think , whether they are for it or against it , that it is inevitable ’ .
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