Example sentences of "[pers pn] be [adv] [that] " in BNC.

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1 As I say , I would like you to be in fairly close proximity to where I am so that you can see what I 'm doing and hear what I 'm saying .
2 ‘ Not that I 'm all that well up in musical matters . ’
3 ‘ I 'm just a broke student trying to earn some money over the summer , and I do n't think I 'm all that articulate . ’
4 I was just that some nights I waken up and you know you can actually hear your heart .
5 The story was current when I was there that this distinguished classical scholar , so accustomed to dealing with the textual problems of Thucydides and Greek epigraphy , was somewhat disconcerted on arriving at Bletchley station to be greeted by an evacuee urchin , jeering : ‘ I 'll read yer secret writing , guv'nor ! ’
6 And of course you are right that this must be about happiness . ’
7 And , as always , telling us where you are so that we can keep sending you our mailings and the next edition of The Birmingham Magazine .
8 ‘ She was a dream I held dear , but ‘ t is the woman you are now that I love — sweet and true and courageous . ’
9 Whilst surely representing the pinnacle of guitar mass-production ( 500,000 per year sometimes ) you 're right that only a small percentage seem to have survived in the UK .
10 And although you 're right that they 've been selling flowers for a long time , they underwent a massive re-fit recently .
11 She 's just that if she did n't take that potion of mine she would have killed herself anyway .
12 and erm , they 're always stuck together , and so I suppose now she 's now that she 's , her friends has separated she has , she instantly separated .
13 ‘ The essence of the patent for you is surely that you believe the heat is there and if it can be scaled up , as you hope it can , that is something that could have manifest benefits to everybody .
14 She smiled then to soften any hint that she was annoyed that her mother thought she should be more home-orientated than she was now that she was married .
15 I did , you 'll have to forgive me , I mean I think for the sake of those who were not at the meeting erm what we should really say is that actually said that he wanted to hear what kind of a parish we are so that he could attempt to match the , the incoming priest with you know the need of the parish .
16 But it 's a compliment it 's a compliment from the company saying we 've got a looking people that we 're quite that people can you know .
17 We are multiplication work and there is n't should be tackled and we were very that we can not do this without and therefore we accept the grant grant fifty thousand in these four counties planning service which I would say servicing .
18 ‘ Yes I was , but we were never that close .
19 It 's unfair for another reason : most of the walkers , climbers and cavers that come to the Dales , the Lakes and the mountains come because they love them , because they respect them and care for them and want to keep them the way they are so that the people of the future can enjoy the wildness and the greatness of the earth .
20 What I would like is for all the Councillors to look at this , to advise me which other seats they think are indeed the responsibility of and then I 'll go back and go to battle but er I 'd like everybody 's views on which ones they believe they are so that I can do it firmly .
21 ‘ They should stay where they are so that Ulster people can continue to enjoy the excellent facilities and services available . ’
22 It was declared the best policy was for the ‘ sent down ’ youth to remain where they were so that they could make their valuable contribution to the motherland on the ‘ agricultural front ’ , as in previous decades .
23 Could it be also that erm children I mean I du n no how they , the children are reared and what sort of situation .
24 How long ago would it be now that you had it all done ?
25 ‘ If it were simply that it would hardly be convincing , would it ? ’
26 No , well I mean , it were n't as though I had n't put a payment in it were just that it probably was this taking Tracey 's book and I marked it onto Tracey 's , er , Tracey 's book .
27 I thought she 'd dried it , and she said , oh , I 'm just gon na put this washing on radiators , and then it , it were then that er it made me think , well , what done with her dryer .
28 This conclusion was based on the premises that ( 1 ) it is the duty of the national court to ensure the legal protection which persons derive from the direct effect of a provision of Community law ; ( 2 ) article 30 was such a provision ; ( 3 ) if Wickes is right that section 47 of the Act of 1950 is incompatible with article 30 , it has a current right to open its stores for Sunday trading , and it is the duty of the national court to protect that right ; ( 4 ) in the absence of an undertaking in damages , Wickes will have been restrained from opening on Sundays , without any right to compensation ; ( 5 ) there is no need for this purpose to assess the strength of Wickes ' challenge to section 47 on the basis of article 30 , it being enough that the challenge is not without foundation : see [ 1991 ] 3 W.L.R. 985 , 993 , per Dillon L.J. , and pp. 999–1000 , per Mann L.J .
29 It 's probably that Robert Johnson , who finally headed for the crossroads in 1938 , made more money for Sony/Columbia last year than many of their more super-hyped contemporary acts .
30 Yeah well it , it 's probably that he 's just got one .
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