Example sentences of "[pers pn] just [verb] a " in BNC.

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1 You need to understand that I have , as we watch the RAF a beautiful aeroplane , er Colonel and I just exchanged a thought on it .
2 I just prefer a bit of real action .
3 The first time I just heard a sort of brassy actor 's voice with a bit of Northern in it , so I apologized and said it was a wrong number .
4 I just heard a whoosh and then he was on fire , ’ said 19-year-old Mr Nellis , of Conway Drive , Thorntree , Middlesbrough .
5 I think I just heard a car door shut do you wan na go and open the front door for him ?
6 I just heard a bang .
7 I just asked a question .
8 I think I just asked a lot of impertinent questions .
9 I just asked a question .
10 I just asked a question .
11 I just felt a bit faint .
12 " I 'm fine — I just felt a bit sleepy and chilly , that was why I went to bed so early . "
13 I just felt a burning sensation on my cheek and the next thing there was just blood .
14 And she 'd been glumly aware that her quick retort , ‘ I 'm not — I just felt a bit cold for a moment , ’ had sounded remarkably unconvincing .
15 I just became a vinegary old dragon , and all my bitterness turned in on myself and affected my heart .
16 I just fancy a biscuit
17 I just fancy a bit of stewing beef
18 I thought I just had a voice . ’
19 I just had a complete mental blockage .
20 I just had a go at everything .
21 I just had a funny thought .
22 I just had a bit of my Sunday joint left over , ’ said Ianthe apologetically .
23 I was rather late back , when I got back I heard a knock on my bedroom door and she said it 's Miss and er I said , oh come in , I undid the door and she came in and er and so she said to me er , I just had a telephone message from Peel er to say that you have been subpoenaed to go the Police Court next Thursday and I said what a day out of my holiday and she said , well I 'm sorry but you 'll have to go .
24 I just had a man round here declaring eternal love .
25 I just had a little — ’ ‘ It is n't that .
26 I must have been mad on the strength of one fish , going all out boilies but it was a double and I just had a feeling this was how the better fish might fall .
27 It is not really because I was just Noel and I just had a chat this morning .
28 ‘ Like , you 're the kind of person I 'd like to talk to if I just had a fight with my girlfriend or was in trouble with the law or something . ’
29 We erm , given that you have to do , okay , I did n't brief them as fully as I could of , and half way through I looked at it again just to make sure I had n't missed the bottom line that said , you know stand on your head instead in the park , so I just had a little read .
30 I just had a chat with Christine .
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