Example sentences of "[pers pn] can be to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I 'm not sure how much use I can be to you .
2 This lethal game is often called ‘ last across ’ , the idea being to see how close you can be to a train before it hits you or you can get out of the way .
3 We shall need to be more flexible in the way we handle retirement , and as generous as we can be to what is fortunately a declining proportion of the retired — that is , those who rely entirely on their State pension .
4 The animals will become as well fitted as they can be to the local conditions .
5 Aims to speed up the process of development control and make the planning system ‘ as positive and as helpful as it can be to investment in industry and commerce , and to the development industry ’ .
6 I know your mother scoffs at social life but I do n't think she realizes what pleasure she is missing , how delightful it can be to be among amusing people . ’
7 That in itself emphasised what value he can be to United — his sheer danger and menace forces the opposition to follow him , which inevitably creates space for others .
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