Example sentences of "[pers pn] is that a " in BNC.

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1 The books tell you that badgers love peanuts , but what they do n't tell you is that a plastic peanut packet is likely to go off in your pocket with a high-decibel rustle that will send any self-respecting badger right back underground .
2 I think , the best analogy I can produce for you is that a a balance in which various factors act on the side of the host and various factors act on the side of the organism , and the outcome is disease and death if the organism wins out and outcome is resistance or recovery if the the host wins out .
3 Neither of them was capable of searching out any fairy-tale kink in the more drab theories of evolution which might explain how it is that a frog taken ( however reluctantly ) into the soft bed of a princess can be changed overnight back into a prince .
4 These two tasks are inextricably interwoven : if advisers fail to establish what it is that a client wants to know because of poor interviewing , then they will not be able to supply the correct information even if it is available .
5 By his intimate connection with the greatest men of the day in the medical profession , he obtained for his pupils the privilege of their teaching free of expense , and thus it is that a considerable number in the ranks of our profession are pupils of Abernethy , Astley Cooper , Charles Bell , Brodie , Faraday and Brand .
6 It is that a pupil decides what he will , or will not , consent to do .
7 The control which the withholding of love gives to a parent emphasises how tremendously important it is that a child should be genuinely loved in the first place .
8 Jennie explained how crucial it is that a rider can use his aids independently of each other .
9 Could somebody please explain to me why it is that a project that was always highly speculative and which now looks like a near disaster should have been so profitable for investors ?
10 Repetition of the same or similar ground can be stopped by a gentle reminder , followed by asking why it is that a particular story or incident is so important .
11 Bumble-bees do not have advanced knowledge of aeronautical science , yet some extremely complicated maths is required to explain why it is that a bumble-bee can fly .
12 What dreadful news it is that a lethal , new form of algae pollution has been found in one of Scotland 's best known lochs , lovely Loch Awe in Argyll .
13 James 's aim is the psychological one of explaining how it is that a person is able to locate a stimulus on the surface of his body .
14 A duty is something black and white : once we know what it is that a body has a duty to do and what it actually did , we can say either that the authority has performed its duty or that it has not .
15 When you come to think about it , how amazing it is that a singer whose recording career lasted only seven years ( where Decca is concerned ) could produce enough material to fill ten CDs even allowing for the addition of much off-the-air material , and excluding Das Lied von der Erde , the Klemperer Kindertotenlieder and Mahler 's Second , and Brahms 's Liebesliederwalzer , the last three just issued on three further discs in Decca 's Historic series .
16 The more serious the incident , the more likely it is that a judge 's professional neutrality and independence , as well as his legal training in taking evidence and establishing the facts , will be sought to command public confidence .
17 We have to produce some account of how it is that a belief can achieve this status and play this special role .
18 The second defining characteristic of compatibility guarantees a genuine relationship of sense : it is that a pair of compatibles must have a common superordinate .
19 It is that a person who takes another 's car ‘ can escape liability to tougher sentences only if he or she can show , on the balance of probabilities , that either the aggravating event occurred before he or she committed [ the basic s. 12 offence ] , or that he or she was not present at the relevant time . ’
20 In general , it appears that the more complex the level of stimulus processing required , the more likely it is that a difference between the ears will be revealed with monaural presentation .
21 Grey breath in the air , snowmen on the heath , pub bores droning on about how typical it is that a few inches of snow throws the whole country into chaos when the Swiss handle metres of the stuff without missing a beat .
22 The orthodox view of civil pre-trial procedure is that the more the two parties know about the real issues between them the more likely it is that a ‘ realistic ’ settlement can be reached .
23 This question can not be answered without knowing just what it is that a manager does .
24 The appearance of a weaning-trauma in early agricultural cultures explains the paradox of why it is that a loss of the ideal mother — that is , a frustration — leads to an over-involvement with her .
25 rhetorical question is , you know is it is that a question you wanted to try to answer or are you erm
26 The more rules that exist , then the more likely it is that a new product or service will impinge upon or be prohibited in some way by those rules .
27 The problem with it is that a lot of people are asymptomatic and you do n't know whom may or may not be carrying Jardea .
28 Rather , all items should be recognised where a sufficiently reliable measure can be obtained , although the more likely it is that an item will have an outcome of zero , the lower its recognised amount will be .
29 The MAFF view given to me is that a detailed assessment in England and Wales would be extremely time consuming and costly , probably taking eight years to complete .
30 What concerns me is that a group of clubs had clandestine meetings .
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