Example sentences of "[pers pn] [be] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ In return for a cessation of violence , amnesties have been granted to the Furs and a number of them are to be co-opted onto the Government .
2 Some of them are to be found in Checkmate when the Red Pawns pick their way from square to square , whilst their Queen guides her King to his throne with tender steps .
3 As no vocal chords as we know them are to be found in the larynx , the sounds emitted probably come from the lips of the larynx .
4 The ‘ Executive ’ formulates policies , procures the passing of the necessary laws , puts the policies into effect and even , on occasion , determines the mode , if any , in which disputes arising out of them are to be determined .
5 Few of them are to be found in the top echelons of racing .
6 Surviving Japanese aircraft are few and far between , recent trends to collect and exhibit them are to be encouraged , they represent a fount of experience and knowledge that has only slightly been dipped into .
7 In such circumstances it is absolutely necessary that the school should have an admissions policy of some kind in order to select from all those who have expressed such preference which of them are to be accepted and which rejected .
8 Most of them are to be found in a narrow range of occupations and over half are office or secretarial workers [ see Table 2.5 ] .
9 But , if equity shares or rights to them are to be issued in other circumstances , they first have to be offered to all equity shareholders in proportion to their holdings whether or not these were acquired as subscribers ' shares , bonus shares or pursuant to an employees ' share scheme .
10 Most of them are to be found in southern and Mediterranean Europe , an area in terms of its society and institutions closer to France than to Prussia or Russia .
11 Disputes under them are to be referred to arbitration , where contracts made on a particular exchange are in issue , and otherwise to the English courts .
12 Rosita and I are to be punished , stuck there with long faces , alongside our fellow wrong-doers , representations of swarthy people , black as tea taken without milk .
13 Sir Robert Brackenbury , constable of the Tower , informed me this morning that my brother and I are to be moved . ’
14 You know Victor and I are to be married .
15 ‘ For your information , Lucy and I are to be married — as soon as possible . ’
16 ‘ Lucy and I are to be married . ’
17 I am to be Bishop of Durham . ’
18 If I am to be punished unfairly , could we return to the subject of volunteering for the Parachute School ? ’
19 I am to be questioned and interfered with and hounded , not to be left , doing a job of work the way I choose , a necessary job , a job our sister has made tediously inevitable , a job the result of which may save us from potential disgrace , even if we can not go so far as to expect it to improve our situation out of all recognition .
20 I am to be given no privacy . ’
21 In this society it follows that real talent goes unrewarded and unflinching purity of soul is automatically derided — on both these counts I am to be numbered among the punished , especially in regard to material goods and services , financial security , the trust and love of friendship , and the divinely counselled companionship of wife and family .
22 He asked for them to be clearly marked , packed in damp moss and sent to Lord Cornbury 's by Oxford Chapel , ‘ where I am to be around generally any morning before ten if you ever have time to call ’ .
23 ‘ So I am to be punished , after all ! ’
24 I am to be legitimated , and made heir to Duart . ’
25 I am to be dominated by the truth because I have been made a Christian by the operation of the Holy Spirit within .
26 After take-off Beaton surveyed his surroundings : ‘ Silk-lined walls , arm chairs like Pullmans , various compartments for eating , sleeping , smoking — this is the aircraft that took Churchill to America … how grateful I am to be among the lucky ones on the last lap for home . ’
27 ‘ If I am to be disappointed , I should like to get it over . ’
28 Therefore , much as I may myself enjoy theatre-going and much as I may cheer when I see a full theatre , I must contain my own enthusiasm if I am to be a cool observer .
29 Planning over an 11-year period could , I believe , bring about a veritable revolution , especially if the whole curriculum ( both subjects and cross-curricular themes ) can be welded together , but I want to see some rapid practical progress if I am to be reassured .
30 And how lucky I am to be living in Badminton , a beautiful Cotswold village , on the edge of a park in the middle of a great landed estate , with all the amenities provided at my landlord 's expense and responsibility .
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