Example sentences of "[pers pn] [be] hold [be] " in BNC.

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1 What do you think that disk you are holding was ?
2 It is clear that the main prisons in which they are held are no longer overcrowded and that if they choose to do so , these prisoners can participate in the full range of activities .
3 The measure of the esteem in which he is held is shown by three forthcoming exhibitions devoted to his contribution : ‘ L'Oeil du Connaisseur : hommage à Philip Pouncey ’ at the Louvre , 19 June-7 September ; another at the Uffizi later this year ( dates unavailable ) , and the third at the British Museum in January 1994 .
4 •Wolverhampton teen-ager Lee Collings has got plenty to smile about — the carp he 's holding is a personal best 19 lb mirror taken from a Shropshire syndicate lake .
5 The barn where it was held was owned by a local farmer , John Ellis , and if Kate knew anything about it , he had known exactly what was going on .
6 The trousers he was holding were the ones he 'd been wearing at Streatley the previous weekend .
7 I made him close to forty years old and that meant the stubby Mauser he was holding was in good hands .
8 The high esteem in which he was held was shown at his funeral where a tribute to his great accomplishments for deaf education in Leeds was paid by the Director of Education for the district .
9 The cell where he was held was , like a prison cell in a spaghetti western , built of mud .
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