Example sentences of "[pers pn] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Then , just when Rachel was feeling she wanted it to go on forever , this exciting masquerade between the two of them where it seemed as if the rest of the world did n't exist , she found herself beside Danny who began stuttering and waving his arms , obviously trying to tell her something .
2 Together they plot to undermine and ruin their errant spouses by hitting them where it hurts corporate types the hardest : their egos and bank balances .
3 If she stretched out her hand just the tiniest bit , she would be able to touch his where it rested on his knee .
4 It was his and it seemed a palace .
5 She raised her tear-stained face to his and it seemed quite natural to place his lips on has , and since she seemed to welcome it , he kept them there .
6 If the work is commissioned by a PR consultant , the — copyright is his unless it has been arranged that it should be assigned to the client .
7 Joined possibly joined in with them although it does n't actually say .
8 They let me have one last look and told me that it belonged to someone in another band — which made me feel really guilty .
9 But , although I hoped very much that he would be here , it seemed to me that it mattered little whether one knew anybody in the camp or not .
10 Second point : although you obviously have such a low opinion of me that it does n't strain your credulity to believe that I was making love to two women at once , one of them married , I ca n't believe that even you could see me in the role of toy-boy .
11 It seems to me that it does n't put a lot of weight on the grass .
12 We chose retinoic acid because I met a friend , at a meeting , and he told me that it affected cell communication .
13 Very occasionally she would come and tell me that it had been left so immaculate that she 'd had almost nothing to do and instead would remove some of the dust in the melin for us .
14 One glance at Hannah 's meadows told me that it had very real prospects because it did not have the lush , emerald green appearance of chemically fertilized land .
15 A shod note accompanied the card , informing me that it had been found on Oberleutnant Bauer 's body .
16 And when I asked her what she was doing with it , Emma — or maybe it was Sophie — told me that it had been dropped by two men , who were fighting each other behind some trees on the other side of the park . ’
17 A month ago my bank informed me that it had been obliged to arrest £250 of my money to satisfy a court order obtained by sheriff officers .
18 So these wee things I I knew and er my staff soon found you see that well they just had to go along and do the job as it should be done , you see , and they were no good at kidding me that it had been done , for I used to examine everything that was done you see .
19 She instantly strode across the shop and took a book from among thousands and assured me that it contained all I would ever need to know about cooking for ever .
20 It seems to me that it lacks somehow a soul or a purpose .
21 They would have married sooner but had to wait for her divorce ; Pamela Chrimes told me that it took some time to obtain the evidence of adultery which was then necessary .
22 In fact , it never occurred to me that it made a difference until I was in a trial and a scout said ‘ We 're quite interested in the coloured lad ’ and that was the first time I realized they thought of me as anything other than my name .
23 Orion informs me that it sold 60,000 of the revamped hardback , at £3.99 a copy , even before transmission had started .
24 I , I have a quandary here cos I 'm not quite sure whether I should be asking a question or proposing something against the deliverance but I have attended and er listened to a number of debates arising out of this matter of er the baptism of children and time and again it 's struck me that it starts off about baptism but it turns out to be a discussion about the parents .
25 Audetto , who was present in the later stages , once denied to me that it transpired entirely as Niki says .
26 ‘ Others have told me that it shows an old woman sitting looking out on a stormy sea from a tranquil cottage garden .
27 Maybe the day will come when Mark will ring me from the museum and tell me that it 's been decided that I must add to the catalogue the pedigree of the wrapping or package in question : Ice lolly wrapper ‘ Captain Marvel ’ , Walls , 1985 , found , Whitechapel Road , EC , condition : poor .
28 It has n't surprised me that it 's happened again .
29 Personally , I prefer to speak about learning together because I think it 's more friendly use , er , user friendly I think I understand it better and it reminds me that it 's connected with disciple-ship .
30 One interesting feature of this discovery seems to me that it 's been a combination of different individuals approaching it almost laterally , in a sense , because you 're not an astronomer , particularly , are you ?
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