Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] just [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Madam Chairman if I may just make a comment of concern that information was not , on this point was not forthcoming to the county councillors of that area perhaps to make er give them an opportunity to make comment prior to you so you could make this delegated action .
2 Er Chairman , yes , if I may just make a couple of , of , of , of , of , comments on , on , on the report side , I , I very much welcome the report back which I think has clarified a number of areas in the inspector 's report and what the services are actually , actually are doing about this one , I think er overall it 's er it , it , it 's , it 's very , it 's very er it 's very er very useful to see er what has been done erm I , I , I , I , I 've been assured by the Chief Officer er on item , item er , item three one at the top of page two , that the operational plans being devolved to individual sch will not apply to operational activity , they will be er to separate activity within the s er sch station , erm I did raise that because I was concerned about one station saying yes we will attend the fire and another one saying we wo n't , which obviously is not appropriate er but with that caveat I , I , I , very much welcome the report , I would like to move the proposals sch standing in , in , in , in , in my name that we commend the report as well as er er what 's on the officer 's erm er , er , er recomen er the re the recommended er resolution and that we send a copy of that , this
3 I may just do that — I 'm going to call the Consul General right now ! ’
4 ‘ In that case , I may just do that . ’
5 when I say ‘ I am cold ’ I may just mean I am cold and it may not be a statement about my view of myself with regard to society and my particular stage of middle age crisis and so on and so forth , although , you know , given a certain number of intelligent people they could no doubt build an enormous emphasis on
6 I may just mean I am cold and
7 My Lords , erm I would like to take the opportunity if I may just to refer very briefly to one amendment of mine on page two , line eighteen after the second of insert not less than .
8 If I may just refer you sir to er my appendix which it actually the last page of your papers erm er if you see on it is actually page numbered thirty one and it 's paragraph thirteen thirty six at the very back of the papers .
9 Erm , Chairman I 'm , I 'm very sorry to if I may just mention this , that in the representations and observations that er are summarized in three point three , erm I personally have copies of letters written by parish councils all along the A ten eighty eight route , erm obviously I 'm referring to Icksworth , Icksworth ,
10 I may just have me chicken out and keep the sausage for another day
11 And I recommend to anybody who goes on the school , I 'm sure they do on the training course , that the first opportunity I would have to address erm the con er the staff meeting , you just say this is what I who I am this is why I 'm here I 've got a list of businesses which the school has provided with me already but I I will I may erm if I bump into you in the corridor I may just say do you know anybody else .
12 ‘ No , I may just pop out to one of the local cafés by the dock , but I sha n't tour the island , not this time .
13 What I would say overall sorry , if I may just add one further point is that the coffee rooms makes a profit and pays its bills very promptly to us .
14 Ch chairman , I wonder if I may just add to that
15 If I may just add one other thought .
16 Just watch it , said Jay , sipping brandy , breathing fire , I may just stomp you with my hairy great mammoth foot .
17 I stopped after a short while and said ‘ this is nonsense — I ca n't learn any more of this sort of thing by two o'clock — I must just do a prose right through and see how I get on ’ .
18 But I must just emphasise erm next Saturday is the real biggie night here at Oxford erm something not to be missed .
19 I must just go and finish decorating the kitchen .
20 Just then Constance said , ‘ Excuse me , Shelley , I must just go and speak to Lina — she 's beckoning me . ’
21 By this time I was n't catching anything but I must just mention one more boat as even 1 found this one hard to believe .
22 I must just tell you this , Laura did make me laugh , cos she said she stood up and she said , I 'm gon na give my talk about cats so I said , fine .
23 I must just finish this . ’
24 I must just finish this letter , ’ says Rose .
25 Sometimes he fancied him in the room , and said , ‘ I must just speak to John Bunyan ; he 's over there …
26 I must just jump up and down on Mrs when I see her at lunch time .
27 I must just try with warm water and see how it goes .
28 I must just say to yo , you 're dying to ask , like what he 's doing over the corner ?
29 Chairman , I must just say about other organizations , it is approved that they 're going , part of the West Midlands region , is more better off than integral part of the region of Great Britain , or whatever , erm , if they 've got money into their region , they jolly well keep it there , we do n't know where Coventry is .
30 I thought , ‘ I must just keep on walking , and perhaps I 'll find shelter somewhere . ’
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