Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Their functions were either devolved to the districts or given to ad hoc joint boards .
2 The Samaritans petitioned the Syrian king in order to dissociate themselves from the Jews , to be considered Sidonians and to give to their god the name of Zeus Hellenios : " Now you have dealt with the Jews as their wickedness deserves , but the King 's officers , in the belief that we follow the same practices as they through kinship with them , are involving us in similar charges , whereas we are Sidonians by origin , as is evident from our state documents .
3 You see I get the impression that , that most of you more or less are willing to except all the bad things about cars because given at this particular hundred has sixty three car er , car or vehicle owners , you 'll put up with the danger and the pollution and er , er all the various bad side effects of the motor industry because weighing things up you 've got independence , you 've got freedom , you 've got shelter , a wardrobe , some where to carry the kids , is , would that be a correct estimate , is that , that , that is a general
4 To see God 's love expressed to us in the prayers and giving of people far away is a great encouragement and blessing to us .
5 High dose oral mesalazine does not seem to be nephrotoxic in rats when given for four weeks but both rats and dogs develop renal papillary necrosis when fed high dose mesalazine for 6 to 12 months .
6 unc Iteration on a column , beginning with co = e4 , yields successive columns as given in Table 1 .
7 This approach is based on the finding that intrapartum ampicillin significantly reduced neonatal group B streptococcal infections when given to carriers who had one or more additional risk factors .
8 Now Emperor Clocks gives you the opportunity to own a classic timepiece that will stay in your family for generations and give to your children and your grandchildren the same precious memories .
9 THE most reassuring explanation for the failure of liberal revolution in Spain is that political change was unaccompanied by those social and economic changes that give to political revolution its substance .
10 A rational player in a game can not be thought of as simply taking his rivals ' actions as given by some ad hoc assumption .
11 So the priest addresses God Wherefore also we thy servants , O Lord , and also thy holy people , in memory as well of the blessed passion of the same Christ , thy Son , our Lord , as of his resurrection from the dead , and also of his glorious ascension into the heavens do offer unto thy excellent majesty , of thine own gifts albeit given unto us , a pure , a holy , an undefiled sacrifice , the holy bread of eternal life , and the cup of everlasting salvation .
12 It 's come in in different ways , maths , English and science from Spring Gardens is separate separate sheets which we can actually take out the files and give to each department , there 's no problem there Saint John 's again , is separate sheets , Collingwood is n't , it 's actually on photocopiable sheets , we either cut them up and give them out separately in some form or whatever , and what I 've , what we hope to do over the next maybe this year is to ask them for a sheet each , for each subject that we can actually take out of the file and give to each department , so that is has arrived , it ha did arrive last year but it arrived in such hotch botch that we did n't actually give it out , but we certainly have it this year and Marian and I certainly , Marian anyway will get that together and give it out to departments .
13 And the time is long past when the question of who deserves what was taken out of the hands of politicians and time-serving bureaucrats and given to a genuinely independent and truly meritorious body which might set about trying to put honour back into the honours system .
14 One can assume that the leaders of the Revolt were eliminated , removing the upper levels of tribal society , and also that the lands and possessions of the tribes would have been seized by the state to be retained as agerpublicus , sold off to speculators or given as rewards to loyalists .
15 All files which did not concern terrorism , espionage or organized crime would be removed from police hands and given to an independent body , and people would be able to obtain photocopies of their files ( and by the deadline of March 31 , 350,000 people had applied ) .
16 Oxygen therapy has also had controversial results when given to patients with congestive heart failure .
17 The ones that gave of carbon dioxide when we put an acid to them .
18 • ITT Sheraton : an inch thick manual of good practice ; initiatives ranging from tree planting to voluntary donations from customers matched by the hotels and given to local conservationists .
19 By section 291 of the Insolvency Act 1986 a bankrupt must deliver up all his books , papers and records and give to the official receiver such information of his estate and such other information as the official receiver may reasonably require .
20 However , at this output Q the marginal social cost MSC exceeds the marginal social benefit of chemicals as given by the corresponding point on the demand curve DD .
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