Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 For all its strengths , the game has a few flaws — you ca n't drop objects or give them to another character .
2 So much can be conveyed by putting your arms around someone 's shoulders or giving them a kiss .
3 In the process of sexual selection , certain males were said to develop characteristics that gave them the edge over other males in the competition for females .
4 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
5 We have begun to measure these trees , noting characteristics that give us clues to their genetic relationships : these trees , growing under plantation conditions , will eventually tell us whether we really have collected new genes useful to farmers who grow cocoa .
6 All of the walking species had the widely-splayed legs that gave them a slow and lumbering gait , but , in the absence of more streamlined animals , they prospered .
7 By the time they are mature , hedgehogs can have several thousand of the modified hairs that give them their prickly appearance and an ideal form of defence against attackers .
8 The throw took her by surprise , was sharp and strong , and went a little wide , so that it was only the experience of three younger brothers that gave her quick enough reflexes to shoot an arm out sideways to take the catch .
9 The gentle , careful , intelligent eyes that gave nothing away while leaving you with the impression that you and what you were saying were the most intelligent things she had ever beheld and heard .
10 But , as she looked up into his dark eyes that gave nothing away , and battled furiously against the pride that would have held her back from pressing her question , suddenly the sun came out .
11 There was a purposeful look now in her eyes that gave him pause .
12 BeckerTools is a set of utilities that give you better or extra disk and file utilities under Windows .
13 In short Moses Moses revealed to that like the Egyptians each generation of Jews that gave them their character in general which is that today
14 You can also choose sealed units that give your windows the small-paned Georgian look , or the appearance of leaded lights in square and diamond formats , with none of the cleaning problems — the glazing bars and lead strips are set in the gap between the outer panes ( as long as you do n't go for a large picture window with this effect — it can look just plain silly ! ) .
15 We did pain relief and I did all my exercises , had films , talks , books that give me advice and everything , dead good they are .
16 Denyer decided to put together a mix of landscapes and portraits , images that gave him particular visual pleasure .
17 In fact , Broderick seems to have shown a nicely calculated amount of daring in trying to pick roles that give his bland fresh-faced prettiness a spin .
18 The ensuing exchange over the months turned the whole cast of Balzac 's Comédie Humaine into Katherine 's familiars and gave her an awareness of greed and ambition , love and betrayal far beyond her years .
19 They recorded the usual four songs and gave them both English and Ukrainian names .
20 He was listening to old Legion marching songs and giving himself the Nazi salute in the mirror .
21 through my ears and gives me a headache
22 He spoke without looking at her , in case his gaze rested on her bare legs and gave her ideas .
23 The purpose of the Enterprise is to involve Third World countries in mining nodules and give them a share in the profits .
24 His attendants , the mythological fauns , were the patrons of wild animals and gave their name to the animal kingdoms in different countries — the fauna .
25 The clear , vivid patterns excite the zebra 's eyes and give it a sensation of strong identity , as if it were the member of a football team or a sports club with conspicuous striped shirts .
26 The woman at the door raised weary , gold-lidded eyes and gave her an anonymous welcoming smile .
27 I opened my eyes and gave him a puzzled look .
28 Claudia closed her eyes and gave herself up to sheer sensation .
29 If the garden does not already have them , then you will be able to erect fences that are high enough to deter intruders and give you privacy of course .
30 It was alleged by his widow that Thomas Flete , as agent of Clemens , ‘ … him feloniously slew and murdered and clove his head in four parties and gave him ten deadly wounds in his body and when he was dead they cut off one of his legs and one of his arms and his head from his body to make him sure ’ .
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