Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 For present purposes it is sufficient to note that the expression embraces the period of two years prior to the onset of insolvency in the case of transactions at an undervalue and of preferences given to a person connected with the company , provided that at the time of the transaction the company was unable to pay its debts or it became unable to pay its debts by reason of the transaction .
2 Poor cutlery will have tiny burrs inside the fork prongs where it has been stamped out of the sheet of metal .
3 Mr Peter Bergg , the Liberal candidate , said he knew of at least four houses where it had happened including the party 's own offices in Coniscliffe Road .
4 It is therefore very unlikely that the court would insist on an expert giving reasons where it had not been agreed beforehand that he would .
5 Then there is the 39-member-strong Royal Society of Portrait Paints which operates from the Mall Galleries where it holds its annual exhibition .
6 Compare retailing with other sectors where IT has been used extensively .
7 I pulled the coat off him and flung it onto the hawthorn bushes where it rested upside down , spilling the contents of the torn pockets .
8 This had opened in Fulham in 1945 , but soon moved into the buildings formerly occupied by St John 's Wood Art Schools where it became a vital centre for those interested in French art .
9 Skinnergate faces two choices : it either declines into a traffic-filled street of second-rate shops or it cleans itself up , providing an open air alternative to the Cornmill 's enclosed space .
10 When the hopped wort has been cooled it is run to fermenting vessels where it meets its destiny with yeast .
11 And once we 've clipped the nails , we actually file the nail so that it 's nice and smooth and it does n't catch on your tights or it does n't catch on the sheets at night .
12 There was some difficulty over widening in Stafford Road , which was already partly built up with houses and shops where it passed through Wallington .
13 Here was a player who had clean kit for every match , who actually trained at home and , more importantly , scored goals where it mattered — between the posts .
14 A repertoire of songs that it has heard
15 As the ash dries hard it is dug out for sale for the construction industry , yet another habitat is created With the layers of rock compacted over millions of years , this soft ash forms perfect artificial gifts for burrowing animals like rabbits For this young fox , what better place to practise digging than a soft cliff of ash , watched nervously by potential lunch Another predator not necessarily fond of the ash , but very keen on the animals that it attracts , is the polecat ferret Once used by poachers many of these agile hunters are now wild and range freely over the rough ground near power stations in search of prey Round at the top of the ash are the nest borrows of one of Britain 's rarest bird , the sand martin the monitor of this power station has ensured special in there so the birds can find ideal nest sites .
16 The ant repays the tree by sweeping it leaves free of fungi , by assaulting any leaf-eating animals that it encounters and by attacking any competing plant that dares come within chewing distance .
17 It was only in the tenth and eleventh centuries that it became normal or common for giant churches to be built .
18 Although Next Computer Inc has stumbled , Data General Corp , which last year signed to resell Next boxes , will maintain a relationship with Steve Jobs ' firm — it says it was always more interested in the NextStep software anyway , and will market the environment on its OEMed 80486 personal computers once it becomes available .
19 The only way in which to reverse this situation and become slim again is to supply the body with fewer calories than it needs for its daily energy requirements , so that it has to draw on the emergency store of calories in its own fat .
20 Shedding surplus weight depends on providing your body with fewer calories than it needs to keep going .
21 It submits to Parliament reports which carry considerable weight , and its recommendations are taken very seriously by the departments and organizations that it examines .
22 It 's been argued by it 's supporters that it ushered in an era of peace .
23 What Labour needs above all is the network of working-class activists , sympathisers and supporters that it had in workplaces and on housing estates even as recently as 20 years ago .
24 One farmer told the authors that it cost him 194,000 Somali shillings ( $14 ) to grow 100 kilos ( 220lbs ) of maize , which he could sell for a mere 55,000 shillings at the local market .
25 The industry wanted to be able to use the funds that it had generated to invest in youth training .
26 Such phrases try to give us an image of what the organisation is about and individuals within the organisation are expected to adopt such a culture and to pursue the goals that it prescribes .
27 Scottish Homes has brought back into use 1,000 units that it has helped to create in the past two years .
28 The Saturday Review said that there were only four entries that it deemed to be good enough to be designated Gothic , but Clarke 's catalogue listed a further fourteen Gothic schemes .
29 In any event you should ensure that your dog poses no threat to human health by deworming it every six months once it has reached this age .
30 By 1936 , with the popular front , anti-fascist line now dominant , Nizan shifted the emphasis from sectarian revolutionary purity to a broad-based defence of culture from the tyranny of fascism : Berlin is burning the books that it fears .
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