Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Now just so that they see whether to times or divide we 've got to tell them , it 's no good just putting a ten there is it I 've got to say it 's a times or divide okay ?
2 For further advice on tactics for avoiding hidden agendas or surfacing them , see Games on page 71 .
3 To give reasons or to withhold them ?
4 ‘ We may produce guidance to local authorities or call them in for private chats ’ .
5 For all its strengths , the game has a few flaws — you ca n't drop objects or give them to another character .
6 You knew everyone who went to work in the early morning — the chappie who came round on his bike and rod to put out the gas lamps or to light them .
7 Congress is not empowered to make laws for the states or to substitute them for the laws of individual states and so on .
8 ‘ ( 2 ) A person secures access to any program or data held in a computer if by causing a computer to perform any function he — ( a ) alters or erases the program or data ; ( b ) copies or moves it to any storage medium other than that in which it is held or to a different location in the storage medium in which it is held ; ( c ) uses it ; or ( d ) has it output from the computer in which it is held ( whether by having it displayed or in any other manner ) ; and references to access to a program or data ( and to an intent to secure such access ) shall be read accordingly .
9 According to the Laws of Manu , a vānaprasthin must control his senses , keep his organs in subjection , abandon his belongings , commit his wife to his sons or allow her to accompany him , be chaste , patient , friendly , and compassionate towards all creatures .
10 As individuals do we accept our responsibility to be peacemakers or do we passively allow aggression to be part of our lives ?
11 The extent to which local authority initiatives divert schools from particular curriculum policies or lead them towards new approaches within the curriculum is , however , impossible to estimate .
12 By writ dated 6 August 1991 the plaintiffs in the first action , Barclays Bank Plc. claimed £389,431 from the defendants , Glasgow City Council , being moneys had and received to the plaintiffs ' use as having been paid under void contracts ; or contracts for which the consideration had totally failed ; which were traceable by the plaintiffs into the hands of the defendants , the retention of which would be unconscionable ; which would cause the defendants to be unjustly enriched ; or which the defendants held upon an implied or resulting or constructive trust in favour of the plaintiffs ; or to which the plaintiffs were entitled on the grounds that the defendants had spent the money on their lawful activities or applied them towards the discharge of their liabilities .
13 Prisoners may be left locked in their cells for longer , because there is not the staff to supervise out-of-cell activities or to escort them from place to place .
14 A great deal of the blame must be laid at the feet of those who link regression with occult activities or treat it as some sort of parlour-trick to be practised for fun at parties .
15 Moreover , Corbett realised that if de Craon knew he was asking questions it was only a matter of time before the Council of Guardians intervened and either put a stop to his activities or expelled him from the country .
16 And is it quite regular hours or do you work all over the time ?
17 The offence could be used against counter-demonstrators who set out to ‘ smash ’ their opponents or to stop them from expressing the point of view that they set out to express .
18 He has already reversed many measures taken by previous governments , which used martial law over economic matters and to detain political opponents or ban them from work or travel .
19 Be very careful of old fluorescent light tubes , which can explode if dropped , and never puncture old aerosol cans or throw them on a fire .
20 Where the eye often used to be bruised by hectic entrances and exits , Page now keeps his dancers on the stage , shifting them around in complex patterns or gathering them up in long architectural phrases .
21 They led the dogs to a place where the river meandered and the shingle bank was broad and deserted , and they beat them with sticks or stoned them .
22 Most frogs lay eggs coated in jelly and then abandon them , but some rear their eggs in pouches on their back , in their throat sacs or hold them back in their oviducts .
23 You can freeze these buns or make them the day before and keep in an airtight container .
24 How do you work , do you buy in the uppers or do you do the entire job yourself ? ’
25 He made no bones about stating his own views or criticising theirs .
26 Probably the majority of paedophiliacs suppress their inclinations or indulge them only in fantasy .
27 If , for example , the landlord is entitled to enter the demised property in order to carry out substantial improvements or to reconstruct it the tenant may be able to defeat a claim to determine his tenancy on the ground of demolition and reconstruction ( Heath v Drown [ 1973 ] AC 498 ) .
28 Parents can not always be on the spot to point out the sensible course of action , to remind children about the rules or to enforce them .
29 The player who trespasses against the rules or ignores them is a ‘ spoil-sport ’ .
30 There , men frequently migrate to the towns , leaving their families behind either to be visited at week-ends or to join them in the town at a later date .
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