Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pron] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 I never ceased to be astounded by how quickly and thoroughly he absorbed the notes I gave him . ’
2 That form bears the closest inspection and as the six-year-old has settled into his new surroundings at the Marriott Stables I give him the edge over Newton Point , whose cause will not have been helped by the rain .
3 The upper class has clear distinctive characteristics which give it such a sense of identity : not only its ownership of productive property ( the fundamental and defining feature ) but also its distinctive culture and status hierarchy .
4 It 's a remarkable musical full of tuneful songs which give it a romantic and charmingly French flavour .
5 Intermediate Technology enables poor people in the Third World to develop and use technologies and methods which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the long-term development of their communities .
6 Intermediate Technology enables poor people in the Third World to develop and use technologies and methods which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the long-term development of their communities .
7 He was of middle height , well built , possibly in his mid-forties ( though Jane was not much good on ages ) with dark curly hair and slanting eyes which gave him a slightly Slavonic look , though there was not a trace of accent in his speech .
8 Let him thus lose his eyes which gave him sight of the maiden 's beauty for which he coveted her .
9 The public generally should be equipped with spectacles which give it a clearer and more rounded view of the opportunities for all of an ageing Britain .
10 The argument gains force when applied to boxing where the emphasis shifts to the muscular flexibility and , as manager Terry Lawless put it , the ‘ natural fluidity ’ of black fighters which gives them a distinct edge over their more rigid white counterparts :
11 So then you start thinking about visual images which give you this impression of power and menace , something like the Nuremberg Rallies of the 1930s , and use that as the basis of your inspiration .
12 The Young Engineers Clubs aim to encourage a greater number of Scotland 's more able youngsters to continue with subjects which give them the option of tertiary education in science or engineering .
13 But BodyShop 's appearance is more a reflection of accounting curiosities which gave it such a huge return on capital last year : likewise fire extinguisher company Nu-Swift , whose remarkable figures last year put it at the top of the ROC table .
14 Alexander sought the advice of numerous doctors and voice trainers who gave him different medicines or voice exercises , but this only brought him temporary relief .
15 The spectacular charge of the Light Blue Brigade from stakeboat to finish line con founded the bookies and the Tideway pundits who gave them no chance against Barcelona gold medallist Matthew Pinsent and his crew .
16 Please pass on our thanks to all the Mums , Dads and kids who gave us such a great present for our involvement with the creche over the past couple of years .
17 It was while she was reading one of the books they gave her — by a philosopher called Christ — the next day by the lamp-light that she suddenly realized what that gemmed necklace had said .
18 Bought a Vax , they said no they 're a con do n't worry , he said with a little bit of luck you 'll get one that 'll be free , you 'll have to give a report on it once a month , then about after nine months they give it to you if they thought
19 The rewards for those working in BP come in the quality of the opportunities it gives us for the future .
20 I only read a little in the books he gave me , picked up what I could .
21 The fact remains that the debate on contemporary art seems to have entered a new dimension , with doubt being cast wholesale on the quality and content of recent trends , and on the good faith of the public institutions which give them space .
22 Some features of that world are nowadays entirely inscrutable — notably , what it was in Frederic Lowndes 's self-effacing position on The Times which gave him and his wife access to a society of international aristocracy and even royalty , and to the inner circles of the cabinet , as well as the society of novelists and playwrights .
23 Venality was rife ; the precedent of even groups as illustrious as the Beatles and the Stones signing to contracts which gave them only a penny a record had become legendary : at the end of the Sixties , Allen Klein had achieved notoriety for his dexterous accounting abilities , working for both groups in the role of both ‘ finder ’ extracting hidden royalties from the record company for the group — and ‘ taker ’ — extracting them from the group for himself .
24 In both translation and pedagogy , I suggest , effective mediation depends on the recognition of the relationship between underlying ideas and the surface forms which give them expression .
25 There are just six fundamental interpersonal skills which give us a process that is equally applicable in ill situations .
26 Journalists can do little about legal costs and insurance , but they should be well versed in the legal defences which give them more latitude than is commonly thought .
27 Dr Macdonald was consulted on a series of cases which gave him clues to what was to become an accepted theory .
28 Now let A , B be general , and let the equivalent transformations which give them canonical form be PAQ , RBS , where P , Q , R , S are non-singular .
29 Prior to that date , however , some of the greater landowners , as lords of regality , maintained private courts which gave them opportunities to attract lawyer-freeholders to their service and hence to their political interest .
30 We take in a lot more oxygen , our blood pressure rises and our brains release chemicals called endorphins which give us an immediate high .
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