Example sentences of "[noun pl] that give it " in BNC.

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1 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
2 This area is the Coulin Forest , bounded by roads that give it detachment from other high ground , its mountains forming a compact group but individually having distinction of character and outline , some being of arresting appearance .
3 The leaves of this tree are rather common fossils , striped with longitudinal veins that give it a superficial resemblance to the leaf of an iris .
4 A fully secularized society was a contradiction in terms , for there could be no society that would not feel the need to uphold the collective sentiments that gave it its unity and individuality .
5 It was being in a position to suggest those things that gave it the edge . ’
6 the not getting better with normal things that gives it away .
7 Britain has a massive advantage in natural resources that give it the potential to be at the forefront of renewable energy generation .
8 Unlike the spinal column of any other mammal , it has a network of interlocking protrusions from its vertebrae that gives it enormous strength and resistance to crushing .
9 A combined series of moves that give it a keen cutting edge ; an experience to be remembered and savoured ; a problem that takes both skills and nerve to solve .
10 Perhaps it was the lack of trees to soften its outline , or the dark stare of its latticed windows that gave it such an austere look ; but whatever it was , uninvited visitors were a rarity , so that when Amyas Roscarrock rode up on that showery day in July , his arrival attracted immediate interest among the family .
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