Example sentences of "[noun pl] that [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Most other weapons can not be considered to have characteristics that make their use illegal whatever the circumstances ; although some others perhaps do — for example , bacteriological weapons , which can equally be argued to be per se illegal .
2 As well as the academic and professional qualifications , accountants who aspire to the de rigueur red braces must also have personal characteristics that set them apart .
3 These divergent states are often subjectively perceived as having distinctive characteristics that mark them out as discrete varieties : people can recognize regional varieties such as ‘ Birmingham ’ English , ‘ Yorkshire ’ English and so on , and they often have a fairly clear idea of how such varieties are distinguished from one another .
4 In the process of sexual selection , certain males were said to develop characteristics that gave them the edge over other males in the competition for females .
5 Television news has three significant characteristics that affect its ability to influence the electorate .
6 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
7 We have begun to measure these trees , noting characteristics that give us clues to their genetic relationships : these trees , growing under plantation conditions , will eventually tell us whether we really have collected new genes useful to farmers who grow cocoa .
8 Other stands that caught my eye on my tour were Johnny van Haeften 's very fine paintings , Wartski 's exquisite objets d'arts , David Messum 's fine painting , Bernheimer Fine Arts , and Garrard the Crown Jewellers ' silver .
9 He joked with them like a cheerful , older brother and sang one or two shockingly rude Army songs that made them both giggle .
10 ‘ These are the songs I grew up listening to , ’ she says , ‘ they are the songs that made me want to be a singer . ’
11 Filled with windswept harmonies , stripped , emotional guitar playing and the kind of plaintive , country-tinged songs that niggle you from here to the grave , the latest offering from Nebraska-born songwriter Matthew Sweet will win the favour of anyone whose tastes lie somewhere north of Gram Parsons , south of The Beatles , east of CSN&Y and west of the Pixies .
12 These were songs that laced their natural exuberance with a strain of English satire that was remarkable because it seemed so unaffected .
13 Steven continues : ‘ There 's a complete balancing out of all the different musical influences which enables us to write songs that make us sound like no-one else .
14 Their new LP ( their best since their first , Psychocandy ) is good for different reasons : because it has the sort of rumbling guitars and invigorating , climbing , bittersweet songs that make you jump out of bed and open up the curtains in the morning .
15 They nearly all contain the extraordinary adrenalin tug that marks pop off from everything apart from the madder bits of techno — songs that make you feel like you are on speed are harder to write than ones that make you cry — FACT .
16 but it cracked , cracked me up is these fucking songs that make you take and he keeps hiding behind the oil can
17 He writes songs that bare their roots with an unsubtle pride , and in choosing to cover both a Ron Wood song and a very Clash-version influenced ‘ Pressure Drop ’ , he has outlined his mission very clearly ; namely , to be the sort of rock musician who thinks that Keith Richards is a force for change in the world and that Los Angeles poodle metal is bollocks .
18 And , in the end , feckless ones , it is , as we must always say , the songs that prove it all .
19 Forced to listen to all those hoary chestnuts that cast me and my kind as the bad guys , and the butt of all the jokes .
20 Christ be in all my thinking about me , Christ be in all , Christ be the with eyes that see me , with ears that hear me , Christ ever be .
21 But I also have in mind the massive destruction of delicate , irreplaceable ecosystems ( the rain forests of the world are the most obvious example ) , the massive pollution of the waters of the earth , the massive loss of top soil , the massive contribution to the greenhouse effect , and — lest we forget — the massive assault on human health that can be attributed directly and indirectly to the massive production and consumption of so-called ‘ food ’ animals that characterise our times .
22 Our limited ambition can , therefore , only be to sustain a reasonable quality of life for ourselves and for those animals that serve us .
23 Similarly , although they show remarkable powers of regeneration in the aquarium , there is a better chance of success if the animal is undamaged when purchased , so it 's wise to look for cuts and splits of any kind , and reject animals that show them .
24 More than a hundred years of systematic captivity had created a whole new genus , animals that had none of the skills and few of the desires of a wild habitat .
25 The species of plants and animals that inhabit them today have adapted , where adaptation was needed , only during the current ice age .
26 Because fruit is not very nutritious in proportion to its bulk , animals that eat it must consume a lot .
27 Specialized ornithischians in the late Cretaceous were the remarkable duck-billed dinosaurs , animals that lost their front teeth and had arrays of tiny grinding teeth at the back of the jaw that were continually replaced , like those of the shark , and must have been able to cope with tough vegetation .
28 This is an adaptation to survive predation from the many animals that hunt them — not least man for the cooking pot !
29 To the animals that do it , there is nothing particularly special about using tools : it is a piece of behaviour much like any other that the animal performs .
30 It is not obvious why this is , but it is so strikingly convergent among animals that have nothing else in common but their anteating habit , that it almost certainly is somehow related to this habit .
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