Example sentences of "[noun pl] i give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I never ceased to be astounded by how quickly and thoroughly he absorbed the notes I gave him . ’
2 Gentlemen I gave my name , my rank , and my number some time ago , ' Steiner said .
3 That form bears the closest inspection and as the six-year-old has settled into his new surroundings at the Marriott Stables I give him the edge over Newton Point , whose cause will not have been helped by the rain .
4 He stated : " Haughey had retained all but one of the tapes I gave him , and at no stage indicated disapproval of the action that had been taken . "
5 ‘ I do n't know why you 're wearing that ridiculous outfit , ’ said Robert , ‘ and I do n't know why you 're telling all these things to Malik and telling him about things I gave you as a present . ’
6 Start by playing these combinations with one note then apply some of the melodic permutations I gave you in part 1 of this series .
7 We need to have some idea what the cells are picking up from , and where they are sending information to , in order to apply those two principles I gave you earlier , the selective trigger feature , and the selective projective zone .
8 ‘ Remember , ’ the Doctor said sternly , ‘ do n't touch anything unless you 're wearing the gloves I gave you . ’
9 Teach them to observe all the commands I give you .
10 Or is it that you 're worried about having to work a bit harder for the grand wages I give you … wages that 's been strangled out of me by that bloody woman o ’ yours ? ’
11 The ones I gave you last w yeah
12 Are those the ones , they 're not the ones I gave you are they ?
13 ‘ Those papers I gave you the other evening — ’
14 Did show you the photographs I gave you ?
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