Example sentences of "[adj] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Climbing up to the right and beyond Cow Dub , I followed the beck , dry where it had drained away through the limestone but flowing where the bands of sandstone outcropped , until on the open fell the limestone gave way to glacial moraine and the beck gurgled noisily back down towards Cow Dub .
2 And it does seem to me that erm I ca n't quite understand why it 's possible or it seems to be an argument that you can accommodate a bit more development , squash a bit development into Leeds and Bradford and it does n't matter very much .
3 It was a sort of like a I do n't know what i whether it was erm some sort of a private or it belonged to this Manchester Co-op or something I think it was .
4 The upshot of it is that the appellate court , where the matter is one of discretion , as this is of course , will not interfere with the discretion of the court below unless it considers that the court was plainly wrong or it has erred in principle , that it has taken into account something it should not have done or has failed to take into account something it should have done , and on that narrow basis I must proceed with this appeal .
5 The searcher may go astray because either some supposed fact is wrong or it applies modus ponens in an irrelevant way , but it will never arrive at any result which is not a strict consequence of its start state .
6 To date , LanOptics has used distributors such as Datarange Communications Ltd , but following the establishment of the UK company , it is now to sell direct where it feels this is more strategic .
7 The often mentioned ‘ crisis ’ in British broadcasting — ‘ crisis ’ , in Gouldner 's phrase , being that the system ‘ may , relatively soon , become something quite different than it has been ’ — thus acts as a backdrop for numerous contemporary analyses of broadcasting .
8 But within this context , Wilkins ' elegant stuccoed facades will be retained , and an important landmark has been saved and will look far more handsome and dignified than it has for many years .
9 Now Botswana could not cut itself off from South Africa during the long years of apartheid but Botswana did make clear that it opposed apartheid and voiced this very strongly and much to the annoyance often of the South African government .
10 Statements by the Iranian government made it clear that it saw ECO as the basis for a future Islamic common market which might ultimately embrace some 300 million people — a quarter of all Muslims — and rival the European Communities in importance .
11 It had a small receptive field that was somewhat elongated vertically , and on examination with elongated stimuli it became clear that it responded well to a vertical bar but not at all to a horizontal bar .
12 The linguistic explanation of legare as a general term helps , then , to explain some serious awkwardnesses , but it is not clear that it disposes of all entirely .
13 Although the offer was not completely rejected by the Palestinian side , they made it clear that it fell short of Palestinian aspirations for a legislative council to take over control of the occupied territories from Israel [ see p. 38837 for Palestinian self-government proposal tabled at the fourth round of talks ] .
14 To begin with the efficacy of parliamentary control , it is clear that it suffers from the federal constitution itself : the intricacy of policy decisions , complex inter-governmental decision-making structures at the national , sub-national and supranational level , and the inherent complexity of new policy areas , have all made parliamentary scrutiny more difficult .
15 If this be the right view of Dixon J. 's judgment [ at pp. 683–685 ] , then it is clear that it does not help Mrs. Perry in the present case .
16 If the buyer subsequently retains the goods without objection , it may be taken to have accepted the offer ; however , if within a reasonable time the buyer responds making clear that it does not accept the seller 's terms , it will make a counter offer and will not be bound by the seller 's terms .
17 The ITC guidelines make it clear that it does n't see ‘ sanitised ’ violence as innocuous and Ferman expresses greater concern about Lethal Weapon 2 than Reservoir Dogs .
18 However , the Shetland Islands Council made it clear that it had no intention of grasping the nettle itself , and taking any decision .
19 When it issued its first interim report in the autumn of 1955 , it was clear that it had narrowed its focus to the two core projects raised before Messina , the Netherlands proposal for a common market and Monnet 's ideas for a nuclear energy community .
20 It seemed to be of horsemen having a nice peaceful ride in the wood — picnickers , almost — until I discovered the animal , when it became perfectly clear that it had been a hunting scene all along .
21 In the first place it was clear that it had been a mistake to let Alexei know that his transfer away from the Praetorian Guard had been requested — because if the boy was looking for an excuse for his antagonism , then the one with which he had just been presented was perfect .
22 With regard to the Flower Fund , it had not perhaps been made clear that it had always been the intention that ‘ special occasions ’ should in-clude members who were ill and/or were in hospital , special birthdays , retirements , etc .
23 Looking at the legal aid scheme overall , it is clear that it offers nothing new in the system for the delivery of legal services .
24 The attitudinal function has been given so much importance in past work on intonation that it will be discussed separately in this chapter , though it should eventually become clear that it overlaps considerably with the discourse function .
25 Although the mainstream group , Fatah , made clear that it ruled out any question of subverting the Hashemite regime , other groups , of which the PFLP was the most notable , made equally clear their view that the overthrow of the Hashemites was a necessary preliminary to the recovery of Palestine .
26 Western leaders , including John Major , yesterday came out in Mr Yeltsin 's defence and the White House made clear that it wanted to go ahead with the planned summit meeting between President Bill Clinton and Mr Yeltsin in April .
27 This , it is proposed , should be reformulated so as to replace the expression ‘ merchantable quality ’ with ‘ acceptable quality ’ and to make it clear that it covers the fitness of the goods for all their common purposes , their safety , durability , freedom from minor defects and appearance and finish .
28 In fact , the Report makes clear that it aims at much more .
29 However , it made clear that it tried to keep the duration of such layoffs to a minimum , and suggested also that it was its industrial , not its secretarial/office staff , who were most likely to be affected by them ( interview with Manpower ) .
30 It has made it quite clear that it believes that the existing legislation can deal with such matters .
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