Example sentences of "[adj] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Following his visit to Du Pont , Sir Patrick was due to go on to Magherafelt , much of which was destroyed by a bomb explosion yesterday .
2 This entirely new production , due to go on to the Royal National Theatre in London , remains true to the essence of Lorca 's play , and as vibrant as the heat and colours of ‘ the land of sun and shadow ’ .
3 Their questions are due to go on throughout Wednesday with other objecting organisations and individuals starting their cross-examination on Thursday .
4 He was due to go up to the Blue Mountains that morning and she started having pains , she said .
5 The former James Bond star got stagefright only weeks before the curtain was due to go up on the original West End show and made a shock exit .
6 Fares in other regions are due to go up in May .
7 And then , out of the blue , as she was getting ready for bed on the evening before Kirsty was due to go off on holiday , Mrs Aitken tapped on Shiona 's bedroom door .
8 ‘ Are n't you and Charles due to go off on holiday soon ? ’ she queried , when tea and biscuits were duly dispensed to Lucy and she could sit down on a wicker-backed chair and sip her own .
9 I 've got Lyn who 's due to go back for a month erm end of May for most of er June , upstairs
10 ‘ The day before I was due to go back to England he asked me to marry him .
11 When are you due to go back to the hospital ? ’
12 He had previously worked for the firm and was due to go back to it .
13 About a week before Michael was due to go back into hospital , we managed a few days holiday in the Lake District .
14 he , he were due to go back in the army and he overstayed
15 Pat saw just how true that was so the night that Ken was due to go out with one of his current close friends .
16 Runswick Bay , a multi-million pound investment by Yorkshire Television , is due to go out on the network five days a week next year .
17 We were due to go out at 2000 hours .
18 Yes , it 's rather the kind of correspondence one might expect Tod Friendly to go in for : unvarying , humourless and one-way , like junk mail .
19 ( e ) Limited contracting-out It may still be possible to contract out of the implied obligations owed under supply contracts .
20 Though it is possible to trace a system of remedies outside the court structure back a thousand years ( Wraith and Hutchesson , 1973 ) , it is unnecessary to go back beyond the National Insurance Act 1911 for an historical background to modern tribunals .
21 Despite the growth of the disabled people 's movement these paper professionals still think it quite normal to sit down round the table and decide what 's best for us .
22 As he waxed into an eloquent period , he would realize the absurdity of his situation or the humbug of his pleading and be overcome with internal laughter , a laughter so vast that on occasion it left him too weak to go on with the speech .
23 Most private owners discovered the use of a tail and wing-tip dolly a long time ago , making it possible to tow out with a car single-handedly on most days .
24 He was staring at the glove box now , he was too low to see out of the window .
25 As a source of information , the return collates much that should have been delivered for registration when the relevant transactions occurred , so that a searcher may find it unnecessary to search back beyond the latest annual return on the file .
26 It is possible to go on with the same therapist to deal with the problems which caused you to need the regression experience in the first place .
27 It will be necessary to see how far it is possible to go along with a strict criterion-referenced system or what kind of compromises may be worked out if such a system has advantages of motivating pupils and aiding changes in curriculum .
28 However , Operation Granby proved that it is possible to go out onto the charter market for ships and find ships from many different nations to perform the tasks that we wanted of them .
29 But can she really believe it is possible to go back to Cleveland over whose dead bodies she will return ?
30 It would then be all right to go back to England and Glyn ?
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