Example sentences of "[prep] two years time " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Monica 's vision is of two years time , when Alex starts school and Rachel wo n't be there for him .
2 But my surgeon says my back should be considerably stronger in two years time so who knows , maybe I 'll be able to make a comeback after sorting my life out .
3 Christie , who yesterday signed a deal with Puma worth an estimated £500,000 , said : ‘ I 'll make a clean break from athletics in two years time and I wo n't be competing anymore .
4 Christie , who yesterday signed a deal with Puma worth an estimated £500,000 , said : ‘ I 'll make a clean break from athletics in two years time .
5 Reilly insists that the future Mach 3-based OSF 1.3 operating system is not simply a research product , but will be on the market in two years time providing support for multiple personalities , real-time , B3 security and clustering of distributed systems .
6 According to Mark Doran , UI 's technical project manager , ALT wo n't be a full object-oriented specification and is only intended as a stopgap definition until the OMG delivers object linking and embedding guidelines in two years time .
7 In April 1989 a United States drug enforcement agent gave his personal guarantee that in two years time the United Kingdom would have a serious crack problem .
8 It 's an opportunity we 're gon na have now which in two years time
9 Are they going to spend it suddenly in er two years time , or are they expecting not to be around in two years time ?
10 ‘ I want to keep playing well , and if I ca n't make the team then I want to be in a position to give myself a real chance in America in two years time . ’
11 General manager Joseph Mikhael ( 42 ) said the scheme should be completed in two years time .
12 But it is an option that I certainly would n't want to discount at this particular er stage erm because it depends on so many er factors , it depends for example whether er the site that er has been identified for up to two thousand and six , and which is developed up to two thousand and six , has the physical capacity to expand beyond two thousand and six , and I think that that ought to be one of the considerations perhaps that we ought to look at as we move towards the identification erm er of the new settlement , conversely , it could well be that ought to be looking at a second new settlement in a different location , erm I ca n't give an answer , a definitive answer , what I can say is , coming back again er to Mr Brook , this sort of issue er will not be picked up in nineteen eighty eight or nineteen eighty nine , er if we are all alive and kicking in North Yorkshire and the District Councils we will be looking at it regularly , we 'll be looking at it in two years time , one years time , erm erm that 's the way we work in Greater York , and it 's basically worked very successfully .
13 Hence , it is in the national interest that no further ground be conceded when the ‘ harmonisation ’ agreement is renegotiated in two years time .
14 We should n't just think we 're not going to be here in two years time , it 's somebody else 's problem , they 'll take over our debts .
15 er he wants money coming in to the central fund er if has in two years time to face a , a trial , these allegations so be it , but meanwhile he wants the money to come in to the central fund for the reason he 's outlined
16 Hereford and worcester will have to wait for at least five years to see if the local government review will split it back into seperate counties , but Gloucestershire may benefit before then , as avon looks like being abolished in two years time .
17 In addition , last year 's investment in glass manufacturing in Poland and Italy were sound and would produce profits when on stream in two years time .
18 In two years time , her bill will have risen by £4.50 to over £30 . ’
19 In two years time , gas , not coal , will still be king .
20 In two years time , the agency will have a case load affecting some ten million people , one fifth of the population .
21 in two years time my year does n't exist any more
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