Example sentences of "[prep] [noun] [adv] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Those special events are treats that we save up for look forward to are also subject to the ravages of inflation .
2 For reasons principally of economy , most county councils have preferred to concentrate development on a few villages which can then conveniently be provided with the full range of public amenities — schools , shops , libraries , sewerage facilities and so on-This saves on the enormous cost of duplicating amenities in every village and helps to direct and contain population growth to a few well-chosen sites .
3 We 're all aware that for th for their number patients with superficial bladder cancer provide an enormous amount of our workload , and for reasons partly of husbanding our precious resources and also because lots of these patients come up with negative checks reducing the amount of irritation and upset to them it would be useful if we could do less than we do .
4 For reasons yet to be explained , the ‘ contract ’ affidavit concerning Mrs Mandela , given by Dlamini to a police lieutenant , was not presented at the trial .
5 It is hard to exaggerate the importance of this development , which , for reasons purely of financial accountability , involved the Colonial Office intimately in economic planning for the empire and thus helped to bring to an end the old imperial system in which colonies had puttered along as virtually independent satrapies , with the Colonial Office exercising only a watching brief .
6 In any other sphere of life , when the demand for your product collapses for reasons entirely beyond your control , you do n't try to drum up new custom , you wind the business down and go into something more profitable ’ ‘ But there is a disturbing feeling about that something irreversible may be happening in the world and it is not to Britain 's advantage .
7 ‘ HARLEY HOT IN PURSUIT OF COOL SWEDE ’ read the headline , and the first sentence ran : ‘ Brian Harley , the golfer who was on the scrapheap a year ago , continued his early season bid for glory yesterday with a brave round of sixty-eight to leave him one shot behind the cold-eyed Swedish ace , Bjorn Carlssen . ’
8 The Casa Republicii was the symbol of Ceauşescu 's indifference to the well-being of the current generation of Romanians as much as Versailles was the embodiment of Louis XIV 's quest for glory regardless of the sufferings of his own people .
9 I must deal with baits first , for baits specially for carp have become a totally separate entity from baits for any other species .
10 The Old Town , built in a time of strife , occupies a fairly small area and nestles for protection close to the Castle .
11 He was one of the first in the battered political hierarchy to head for Moscow voluntarily for negotiations with Brezhnev .
12 We have included some ( very ) basic hints for beginners later in this section and these should be sufficient to get you going .
13 First , the therapist is placing responsibility for change firmly on the client 's shoulders , reinforcing the notion that people help themselves .
14 With central heating and fewer smokers these days , the decoration in a home can last 10 years or more with only a couple of adult occupants and you could therefore feel the need for change long before it really needs doing .
15 ‘ We all rely heavily on our families and friends for support especially at this time , so the event was very much an occasion for families , to say thank you , and to allow visitors to experience the vast scale of the project .
16 To save time we planned , booked and paid for activities soon after arrival ( although entrance to the pool is free ) .
17 However , departures from this occur at lower values of z/L than one might guess on the basis of eqn ( 21.29 ) ; they are detectable for z/L above about 0·01 and very substantial when .
18 ‘ But in all seriousness , we understand from the clerks that Quatt is dissatisfied with his reception here — as well he might be ! — and has the intention of taking up a post as archdeacon somewhere in Worcestershire , where he was living before .
19 Nevertheless , so far as policy and plan formulation is concerned , recent practice indicates a willingness to reflect both local wishes and concerns for policies elsewhere in the city .
20 Moulds were used as antiseptics long before the discovery of antibiotics , but modern pharmacology has vastly extended their utility by analysing their active products , producing these in large amounts and making variations on their structures .
21 All pensioners have a need for income regardless of whether their previous employment was waged or unwaged .
22 For $375,000 up-front plus a $75 royalty on every system , it will sell the motherboard plans to the Tsunami-based LX and its Classic subset and for $500,000 up-front plus $200 per unit , it will sell the plans to the high-end Viking-based Sparcstation 10 .
23 For $375,000 up-front plus a $75 royalty on every system , it will sell the motherboard plans to the Tsunami-based LX and its Classic subset , and for $500,000 up-front plus $200 per unit , it will sell the plans to the high-end Viking-based Sparcstation 10 .
24 Outbreaks of fighting continued during March especially in western Georgia , where Gamsakhurdia supporters held positions in the autonomous republic of Abkhazia , and further south around Zugdidi and the Black Sea port of Poti .
25 Stalin had observed , when the treaty between the Soviet Union and Finland was signed , that Russia believed in true equality between states regardless of respective might .
26 There was the usual non-stop tirade as he praised America , himself and his latest promotion , in this case a fight card at the Mirage — not in the 17,000-seat outdoor stadium where Tyson ruled but in the 4,000-seat ballroom , with tickets selling for $25 instead of $1,000 .
27 Knowing that the village is close at hand , that the inn and the villagers will be awake for hours yet of summer light to welcome me , I linger , enjoying that expectancy of pleasure that is perhaps the most pleasurable part of a journey home .
28 Now I I remember talking to him for hours once on a programme about education and this was when he first said what we want is teachers to be accountable .
29 He became tremendously emotional and … compelling in his language … about the need to save Latin America , to save freedom , that these people were sacrificing for America and for freedom all over the world . ’
30 Free classes for artists now on offer
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