Example sentences of "[noun sg] that you have " in BNC.

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1 I 'm only thinking that you 've got somebody counting ?
2 You may want to go back to your original data and indicate what you want a certain sound to be ow that you have checked it , and from now on you would use correct and consistent symbolisation .
3 Tell the President that you have read about their case , that their trial was unfair — even the Appeal Court agrees on this — and ask that they are released immediately .
4 Tell the President that you have not forgotten about Wang Xizhe and other Pro-Democracy Movement activists who are still jail for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of expression .
5 Tell the President that you have read about Abd Al-Ru'uf 's allegation that he was tortured , and about his lawyer 's complaint .
6 your suspicions , tell me if I 've got it wrong , erm , it is that er erm are concerned through the chain of command that you 've identified , let's say the United Kingdom in effect will be leaving it to er , erm to deal with virtually all er aspects of solvency and protection of policy holders erm the subject to let us specifically prescribed by the er nineteen eighty two Insurance Act
7 With the result that you 've a choice which can get the very best out of your budget , your kitchen and your cooking .
8 This may be no bad time to tell the Inland Revenue that you have gone away .
9 Can you imagine the worst American teen corn movie that you 've ever seen !
10 Erm on , on yours in fact I could n't check sequence erm on the programme that you 'd given me because I did n't , I , I had know way of telling whether we did get a clash .
11 ‘ Just you bear in mind that you 've got me now , Kate , and you 'll have me for as long as you want me .
12 bearing in mind that you 've
13 How will you deal with the situation , bearing in mind that you have some expectations from aunty ?
14 How many of you have been hearing whispers in your mind that you have been ignoring ? … .
15 Just get it through your tiny 1914-pattern mind that you have started a constitutional crisis !
16 If you read the paragraph carefully you will find your eyes continually moving to the pie chart for confirmation that you have understood what has been written .
17 Confirmation that you have available the funds required to finance your indicative offer .
18 We also want the money quicker which erm I would have thought would more than outweigh any of the so-called extra expense that you 've got and er I said we regard it as an essential sales tool to be get m better recognition in the country so er he is progressing with the applications .
19 And did you mention to Steen that you 'd got the photographs at any time ? ’
20 But then when you do peel them away , whether you can have a potentiality , like the when talked about he talked about either side of his face timeless void that you had to see the limit of it so that you could have erm that that I was in this body and there 's something about this body that I 'm going to go back into the body and then that could differentiate perhaps .
21 The Teefal saucepan that you have at home , er came doubtless from scientific research into space travel .
22 You found sometimes that other rules were n't required because that rule new rule that you 'd finally developed encompassed other classes of events .
23 I think one rule that you have to follow and as long as you follow that particular rule then they can handle infinite amount of power , do n't make sense to me
24 rock and roll You know that tape that you had with all the rock and roll 's greatest hits .
25 Please bring any tracks on tape that you have used and found useful to share your ideas with others — bring your own recorders , particularly double ones .
26 However , if some setting that you have little or no first-hand experience of does happen to be what has made your imagination bubble and race , you need not cross it off altogether .
27 Well I do n't think that one will fit in your bedroom in any case , having looked at the size of the wardrobes and the site of the gap that you 've got .
28 " Pre-suppose " means in effect that you have already supposed or claimed this without needing to write it down .
29 All the slop and and scrape it all into this bucket with lots of it 's like tray you know like that tray that you 've got i next to your sink ?
30 It 's just the crap that you 've got to go through to get a hit , y'know , burgling , scoring and that .
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