Example sentences of "[noun sg] that have give " in BNC.

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1 It is these positive examples of what is generally taken to be a negative force that have given rise to such concepts as ‘ white ’ ( i.e. good ) witchcraft ; they are part of our European tradition and lend a certain credence to Margaret Murray 's exaggerated presentation of a satanic underground cult of evil co-existing with orthodox Christianity . ’
2 We 're quite content that we 're going to have to er put before the local plan system the the countervailing issues and the weight that 's given to the countryside through E two is appropriate in the circumstances .
3 Dale 's studies of fetal response to moderate cardiovascular exercise showed increased breathing movements , transient bradycardia or tachycardia , or changes in uterine bloodflow , but there does not appear to be a systematic study that has given clear guidelines for safe levels of maternal exercise .
4 A club spokesman said : ‘ It was a win over an in-form side that has given the whole team great hope and we will go to Wasps with nothing to lose . ’
5 She felt for Mary , in fact , the fine contempt due to someone or to an institution that has given way too easily .
6 And why had the hair that has given Clive James and others so much fun over the years been tidied into a conventional razor-styled crop at last ?
7 What we 're doing is showing them the colour of light , the hydrogen spectrum that 's given off and asking them to make some measurements on it which give a clue to the nature of what is happening in hydrogen .
8 The elastic narrative that results is one that has been given , I suppose one might say , a narrative that 's given complex emotional shaping , rather than straight chronological form .
9 It is common for students to return to a part that has given them many ideas , and to rework a passage fruitfully .
10 Turner 's Slave Ship which was so highly praised by Ruskin , shows faithfully the horror and evil of that traffic and it is the emotion , not the technique that has given the painting its immortality .
11 The problem position , of course , is fly-half — the berth that has given Ireland the greatest of difficulties over the past few seasons .
12 Never , ever breed from a mare that has given you any cause to fear her in the stable .
13 One is to include corporate dummy variable of the intercept and see whether it 's T ratio or significantly different , is , sorry it 's greater than two right or we can use an F test , right , now that F test that 's given me that formula in the middle of the page is a very important test which was developed by a chap called Chow and as a result it become known as the Chow test and it 's a , it 's a test for parameter constancy , er do we have constant parameters in our model now it tells you how to compute this Chow test , in this particular case we 're only dummying the intercept , the Chow test gives exactly the same results of T tests , right , erm we wo n't bother going through it , if you want to go through this er sheet in your own time calculate that , that Chow test and essentially what it involves is splitting with the s the whole sample now into two sub-samples , right , the first sub-sample , right , is peacetime , the second sub-sample wartime , right , and you just compare the residual sum of the squares on the unaccounted for variation , right , between actual and fitted values , just compare the residual sum of squares between these two sub periods , right and if you use the formula that 's given there that will come out with exactly the same result , well in actual fact you can square , if you square the F statistic you get calculating one formula you will get T value , got from er the computer right , the er , the sheet goes on to say how we can er use dummy variables in slightly more complicated ways , right , we could see actually see whether the income or price elasticities of demand changed .
14 Spain was still deeply divided by the war and the choice of its commemorative dates ( such as " Victory Day " , or 18 July ) for the announcement of important political decisions was a tactic frequently used by Franco , reminding people that it was the outcome of the war that had given him the power to alter the country 's course as he thought fit .
15 Victories in three primaries , including the battle of New York , were a turning point that have given the Arkansas governor an unassailable lead in delegates needed for the Democrats ' presidential nomination .
16 In themselves they 're historic , but it was Ponting 's expertise as a stills cameraman that has given the world a stunning pictorial account of a legendary expedition .
17 Here , through the space of a breath or two , she could live for a moment in the rapturous evening when she and Lal had dressed for the Hunt Ball : the evening that had given her Andrew .
18 It had been Mme Guérigny 's and Montaine 's intimacy with the creatures of the forest that had given them the idea of hiding their deserter in the cave .
19 ‘ To date there are only fourteen families in the whole district that have given BP Coal right of access to their land .
20 ‘ I want to put something back into the game that has given me a good life . ’
21 There was much wrath that he had been meaninglessly sacrificed and a Test career that had given so much pleasure needlessly brought to a premature end .
22 In an ideal world , there would be no need for either , but for now I would rather see the frustration expressed in these light-hearted terms than in the sort of man-hating bitterness that has given feminism such a bad name .
23 They are now mothers with the responsibility for a child , and some of them would maintain that it is their baby that has given them the determination to do something more with their lives , however hard this may be .
24 Phenomenal because it 's been such a difficult year , and this is erm a prize that 's given to the gentleman or lady that accrues the most points in the whole of the amateur section .
25 The method that has given most results has now become known as the ‘ de Broglie-Bohm formulation ’ , after Louis de Broglie and David Bohm , professor of physics at Birkbeck College , London ( New Scientist , 11 November , p 361 ) .
26 It 's that that 's simply the advice the advice that 's given by the Teachers ' Pensions Agency .
27 We 've gone back er a few days now , Jesus is actually arriving in Jerusalem and the , the heading that 's given in in the Good News Gospel here is the answer to that question is n't it Matthew ?
28 The scream of a fox , on the other hand , is quite distinctive : a wailing , wavering shriek that has given rise to many a false report of a midnight mugging .
29 What had been intended as a warning shot across the government 's bows has sunk a government that had given Poland a year of political continuity , maintained budgetary austerity against populist opposition and taken the first steps on two essential reforms that now go into limbo .
30 It is really this last concern that has given feminist objections to sexist language their public visibility , since feminists have demanded concrete changes in speech and writing .
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