Example sentences of "[noun sg] was the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Mrs Reid 's religion was the love of humanity and she found it hard that the first women 's college should win so very little understanding or support at its outset , especially from men .
2 Religion was the base for the principles of society and they are all for the good and well being of society .
3 At the very centre of this whole divinely-dictated religion was the ark .
4 The final development to create a more highly dynamised remedy was the change of the dilution factor from 1:100 to 1:50,000 .
5 The proper remedy was the ballot box and not the court .
6 His first disappointment was the lack of a porter to carry his bags .
7 One disappointment was the absence of scrum-half Andy Gregory , the half-back partner to Edwards for the past six years .
8 The only disappointment was the fuel charges . ’
9 Dan Atkinson , deputy city and economics editor of the Press Association was the winner , and Anthony Hilton , the financial editor of the Evening Standard came third .
10 Whether the primary motive for the association was the wish to appear to be in partnership or to avoid being identified as sole practitioners was not clear , but the Tribunal drew attention to the fact that " such a sham partnership would serve to mislead the public who are entitled to believe that the persons being held out as being partners would enjoy the full relationship of support and responsibility which that state engendered " .
11 The second unexpected blow which befell the Association was the death , in 1967 , of Arthur Thomas Crellin , universally known as Tom .
12 The aim which obsessed military thinking was the winning of a decisive battle soon after the outbreak of war .
13 Maybe grief was the price of wisdom and maturity .
14 Grief was the climate in which he worked and he had inured himself to it .
15 In our bilateral aid the main need was for carefully targeted and flexible assistance in the form of advice , skills and training and our response in this area for our bilateral aid was the creation of the know how fund for the former Soviet Union and for central and Eastern Europe .
16 The Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade was the subject of a BBC television programme recently .
17 The Angry Brigade was the cause célèbre of the libertarian left during this period , for carrying direct action beyond the usual sit-ins , street theatre and noisy disruptions and demonstrations aimed at ‘ authority ’ and prominent politicians .
18 Monetarists argued that excessive growth in the money stock was the root cause of the inflationary problem , and that any tradeoff between inflation and unemployment was at best temporary .
19 Adamus was the Prince of Darkness .
20 Say , for example , that your chosen card was the king of diamonds .
21 That card was the ace of clubs and Mr Roebuck won a fortune .
22 That card was the ace of spades — the death card !
23 Central to the deal was the reduction of the intervention ( buying-in ) price for grain by 29 per cent to ECU110 per tonne — a price slightly above world market prices , but below average EC production costs ( ECU1=US$1.26848 as at May 22 , 1992 ) .
24 Deal was the wood used for seats , with oak for the seat rails .
25 But the central issue of the early New Deal was the problem of industrial and agricultural recovery .
26 The deal was the culmination of a year of talks between Adobe and Sun on how to bring technology market , says Ybarra , the initial plan being to implement a joint product strategy without actually signing a formal agreement .
27 The impetus behind the NBA was the problem in Victorian times of widespread and severe price cutting in the retail book trade , which was seen as a threat to the viability of booksellers and publishers .
28 A further very important feature of this type of experiment was the demonstration that the nervous system will only develop if future muscle and adjacent cells on the outside move in underneath the outer layer .
29 Above the warehouse was the storeroom where there were shelves holding brightly coloured tin canisters decorated with Indian and Chinese letters .
30 The KSA was the brainchild of seven independent kitchen specialists , who formed the body in 1977 to increase the professionalism of the UK kitchen industry .
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