Example sentences of "[noun sg] [that] you give " in BNC.

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1 I understand the reply that you gave my Hon. Friend the Member for Walsall , North ( Mr. Winnick ) , but is it not possible to ask the Leader of the House , who is present , when we will have a statement about Mr. Rushdie and the ayatollah 's decision ?
2 I would recommend for any talk that you give that you do n't use more than two types of visual aid .
3 right , and I look over to Roger and Roger 's flicking through his notes like this and as you , you were peeping through and he 's trying to find out what , what he 's talking about , they 're not looking at each other and anyway at the end of it , er we went through it and at the end of it he turned round and went how was it , what were you playing at , what was that spiel that you gave it 's in my brief , that 's one of my objections
4 You 're right the breast milk that you give Nathan has some nutritional value .
5 I am very grateful for the opportunity that you gave me to speak to the NFU Branch Committee on Thursday last .
6 Bill , there 's a point , you keep referring to Governors who are political appointees , and the inference that you give to that .
7 No , not the stuff that you gave her anyway .
8 I was reading in the , in er , in that paper that you give us , you know , I was reading soaps and that
9 Erm can we can you as part of the discussion , can you start off by saying well thank you very much for the call that you gave me last week but erm erm there 's there 's just a couple of sizes I 'd like to talk talk to you about .
10 GARDEN , BACK : The thing that you give all your wet washing to and never get back .
11 The format of your print outs will be partly based on this information that you give here .
12 To be effective you 've got to structure the information that you give .
13 That functions also as a relative pronoun : It was pointed out that the situation was improving ( conjunction ) ; The book that you gave me is very interesting ( relative pronoun ) .
14 Th I , I thought I had it clear , and now I 'm slightly confused as a result of an answer that you gave , and I 'm not quite clear again .
15 Not the answer that you gave me before . ’
16 so I was n't quite sure of the answer that you gave back with me walking back from the camera so I just wanted to qualify that so that , I mean all that I noticed was that there was nothing that , that , no information that you tried to get out of him .
17 Lord , as we look around we see a a tremendous harvest and we just pray that we might be honourable and faithful in the task that you give to us .
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