Example sentences of "[noun sg] [that] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 I suppose it was the isolation that gave us such a feeling of camaraderie . "
2 The sayings of country people , sometimes tinged with poetry , always rich in concrete images and braced with the vigour and rhythm that gives them long life , are worth revealing .
3 It was what was within the bird the force that gave it such power , such vitality . ’
4 Another episode that gave him much reassurance was the time when Kate invited him in for tea at the Rectory .
5 ‘ It 's your casualness that gives you away , ’ he said .
6 BILLY JOEL is battling to save the tiny New York club that gave him his first pop break .
7 It was the therapy that gave me the strength to leave my girlfriend because through it I established the fact that I was prone to passivity , always waiting for other people to call the shots .
8 But it was working as a computer specialist in the insurance industry that gave him the necessary experience , most notably the motor insurance experience , he needed .
9 The boots have a Vibram dual density sole that gave me all the grip and comfort I needed over steep wet grass and rough ground .
10 In a world of single parents , almost all of them female , it is the relationship that the young man has with a solid male figure that gives him an edge and keeps him on the straight and narrow .
11 Those in the East End included a half-share in Chandler 's Wiltshire Brewery in the Hackney Road , Bethnal Green ( via the Lion brewery , Lambeth , the brewery that gave us the South Bank lion ) ; some of the pubs belonging to the Commercial Brewery Co in Commercial Road , Stepney , in 1927 ( the rest went to Hammerton 's brewery , Stockwell ) ; and West and Co , of the Three Crowns brewery , Hackney Road , Bethnal Green , with 60 pubs , in 1929 .
12 The girl singer was in good voice by the pool , singing some sentimental Spanish favourites , with that wistful lilt that gave them their distinctive charm .
13 I ca n't find a bit that Give me the pencil and let me show you .
14 Although it looked completely different , it was this truck that gave me the concept for ‘ MiniMag ’ , the 27ft ( 8m ) articulated truck that we used for Mrs Thatcher 's open-air meetings in the 1987 election .
15 ‘ That headache has tightened you up all over — or perhaps it was the tightness that gave you the headache in the first place . ’
16 Shiona watched it , reflecting that the reason for her sensitivity was that her private life was the only area of her existence that gave her absolutely no satisfaction at all .
17 That 's the part that gives you sustain and that 's the part that you do n't want to depress to the point that it touches the fret , because otherwise the fretted strings do n't have the clearance to run underneath the slide without touching it .
18 Hidden away , pushed to the darker recesses of her mind , it was a tangible presence that gave her a degree of comfort in the terrible loneliness of her marriage .
19 Some of the smokers were aware of his campaign against passive smoking — the kind that gave him cancer in smoke-tarred clubs .
20 ‘ Second , once sterling left the ERM , and with inflation sharply down , we were right to take the opportunity that gave us to relax policy and get interest rates down .
21 now put those slippers on , that , if you get your feet cold that gives you put those slippers on
22 A dimension that gives you a more effective heating system that 's cheaper to run — Total Heating with Central Control .
23 Although there are several aspects of the proposal that give us cause for concern , we have concluded that , on balance , there are insufficient planning grounds on which to justify opposing the development .
24 A basic skill that gives them the greatest start in life .
25 ‘ What is it about work that gives you the most pleasure ? ’
26 Now , so , the name of the actual Act of Parliament is Sale of Goods Act er and that 's the law that gives you and me and everybody in Britain our basic rights every time we buy something from a shop or in a sale or a market stall or by post through a mail order catalogue .
27 The residents complain to the city council that gave them the land — and discover that it has now designated the area as a garbage dump .
28 This would run counter to the very informal information exchange that gives it meaning in this internal context .
29 The ‘ base communities ’ of Latin America know more than we do about hunger and sickness , but it is study of the Bible that gives them understanding and courage to demand justice in the name of the God of justice .
30 Denis Smith says hopefully to get three points and play good football … there 's not much they can do in two days but his team talk will be tell the players to go out enjoy it and pass the ball … by a strange twist of fate Smith 's first match at the Manor is against the team that gave him the sack last season Bristol City
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