Example sentences of "[noun sg] [that] i [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Now Britain is heading for a pre-Christmas Sunday shopping bonanza believe it or not now you heard it first here on this programme that I I predict that there will be completely deregulated Sunday trading before much long What ?
2 The er the only figure that I I can find for commuting erm supplied by the County Council is in er table five of N Y six I think it is , N Y six , where the County Council give er at the bottom of that erm on the bottom line of that table , a figure for Richmondshire of er three point five percent .
3 It 's as simple as that cos we could send you off to St Andrews or something like that to er to well I 'm just I 'm homing in on the erm on the golf on the basis that I you you 're er you 're representative for a a company that does is involved with golf equipment .
4 That was quite funny because it was our first Christmas down there and I was saying to the housekeeper that I I would n't mind having people come and stay and not a problem because we 've got a lovely cooker and we 're going to bring our microwave down from .
5 I feel really angry I mean I 'm you might say because of my job that I I ought to be law abiding but I am a law abiding person and i like to think that I would go along with all all the laws because they are they are brought in for the benefit of all .
6 Yeah there 's there 's there 's a whole lot of others that were in me head that I I meant to write down before you came in .
7 Now advertising strikes me as an area that I I feel I can put make some input into .
8 And er what I see of the modern teacher I 'm probably looking out with three different eyes , they do n't seem to come up to the same standing as those men were , at all because one thing that I I remember very vividly about them all , and they were family men , what I call family men .
9 Yeah I mean this is this is erm more the sort of thing that I I had in mind .
10 The press release that I I put erm to the internationally known bearings company .
11 I mean I 'm , I 'm , I 'm only going on the fact that I I tend to do everything on the cheap so I tend to get if I can find somebody who does photocopying I can do it then we 'll do it .
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